Yorkie taken from an elderly woman’s porch is returned safe and sound

Yorkie taken from an elderly woman's porch is returned safe and sound

When a dog is lost, every day is a struggle. You can’t help but wonder when they’re going to be back, if they ever do. 71-year-old Dianne Ramsey was only separated from her beloved Yorkie for four days, but it felt like a lifetime.

Sasha, the 15-year-old Yorkie, was stolen from Ramsey’s front porch in New Orleans. Ramsey, a patient with vascular dementia, was dejected when she found out. But as it turns out, the “thief” may not have been the villain they thought they were. In fact, the whole situation was a misunderstanding for both sides.

Image: Screenshot, Louisiana SPCA YouTube

A beloved dog is missing

Sasha is Ramsey’s best friend. The puppy is always by her mother’s side and can comfort her perfectly. They spend most of their time together on the porch.

“It stays under my foot,” said Ramsey. “She follows me, we follow each other.”

Ramsey’s daughter Letreion Clements let Sasha outside to use the bathroom one day. But then everything changed. Sasha usually stays in the yard, doing her business and pawing on the door to get back inside. When Sasha never scratched the door, Clements went outside to get her. Then she realized that the little dog was gone.

Image: Screenshot, wwltv.com

When the family checked the security material on the doorbell, they discovered something alarming. A woman approached the porch with treats to lure the dog. She seemed to ring the doorbell, but no one answered. Then she carried Sasha to her car and drove away. Ramsey was so broken she refused to sit on the porch without her best friend.

Clements contacted the authorities and put up posters with “lost dogs” in hopes of bringing Sasha home. But the puppy was even closer than they thought.

It is not always what it seems

She arrived at the Louisiana SPCA the same day that Sasha was stolen. Apparently, in the footage, the woman saw Sasha, thought she was a stray, and took her to the shelter. The woman said she saw Sasha tremble on the porch so she was worried about her. Sasha had no dog tags on, but four days later, the shelter saw one of the missing dog fliers.

Image: Screenshot, Louisiana SPCA YouTube

Ramsey and Clements were overjoyed when they were notified. After hearing the full story, they were no longer upset with the person who took them away.

“Maybe she was worried and just wanted to find out where Sasha belongs,” said Clements.

While at the SPCA, Sasha was examined by a veterinarian. They discovered that both ears were infected, cleaned them up, and treated them for free. They also gave Sasha a microchip and ID so she would never get lost again.

Image: Screenshot, Louisiana SPCA YouTube

Finally together!

Both Sasha and her mother were overjoyed to be reunited. The scruffy Yorkie showered her mother with lots of cuddles and kisses to make up for lost time. And Ramsey had the biggest smile in the world.

Before Ramsey went home, the shelter staff reminded her that Louisiana has leash laws for dogs outside. To make it easier for her, they gave her a portable gate that she can use on her porch to hold Sasha captive. Clements and Ramsey both vowed to keep a closer eye on the puppy at all times.

Not everyone is a dog thief. Some people just want to do what is best for a dog’s wellbeing. In this case it was all just a big misunderstanding for all dog lovers involved. Hopefully Sasha’s family has learned a valuable lesson about the safety of their furry friend.

H / T: wwltv.com
Featured Image: Screenshot, Louisiana SPCA YouTube