With a quick click, Cute Kitty turns into a creepy cat

With a quick click, Cute Kitty turns into a creepy cat

If you’ve ever tried to snap a picture of a cat, you know that it is usually done in a number of different ways.

The picture turns out to be a masterpiece of light and composition with the sweet angel who is your fur treasure, in its full, adorable splendor. Or the snap has a fuzzy bundle of fluff that might be feline in nature. Then there are the photos that can be compared to a strange angle nightmare that will twist your cat from magical to monster!

Mother cat Tiffany Miller offers solid evidence of how a cat can change with the click of the lens thanks to her cat Willie-Jean and her ability to charm or alarm the camera.

Sweet to creepy with one click

Willie-Jean is a good girl who loves her family. She loves to sit on the windowsill and do the most adorable poses.

Image courtesy Tiffany Miller via The Dodo

But one day, when Willie-Jean was in her place, something struck her and she reacted in the silliest way. Both Tiffany and her daughter Sydney were tickled when Willie-Jean tilted her head at an impossible angle and her ears pointed to the ground!

Tiffany said to The Dodo, “We looked over at her and she had her head upside down like she was looking at something.”

Sydney took a picture and caught the cute train, but the cute got creepy in a hurry.

Image courtesy Sydney Miller-Wright via The Dodo

Willie-Jean yawned when her head was still upside down, creating a mashup of throat and cat that was strange enough to haunt the dreams.

Tiffany’s answer to Willie-Jean’s dislocation? “I just suffocated.”

Sydney called the photo “literally what nightmares are made of”.

Image courtesy Sydney Miller-Wright via The Dodo

And while she’s terrifying, Tiffany believes Willie-Jean would love all of the attention her antics got, and shares, “She’s quite frankly a little diva so I think she’d enjoy it.”

We agree, Willie-Jean would love to know how many people she scared! But she is not alone in her power to be frightened. Check out these other cat monsters with perfect timing!

From sweet to nightmare … very quickly

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@ special.agent.coop / Instagram

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Featured image: Sydney Miller-Wright via The Dodo & @ sassysiberians / Instagram