Wild cat escapes from the busy bridge while rescue workers watch

Wild cat escapes from the busy bridge while rescue workers watch

Oh cats.

Cats are the masters at pretending they’re in trouble, so you run to their aid only to make the cat jump safely away from the perceived danger. And there you stand deceived and shrugged.

At least when trying to rescue our kittens from this shelf that is too high, we generally don’t need to use hard hats and heavy equipment. A stray cat in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida decided to do the “I’m Stuck” routine across the 17th Street Causeway Bridge.

The wild tuxedo cat sat in a dangerous spot on a light along the bridge. The extreme way in which the cat sat caught the attention of drivers. And after a call came in to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue around 3 p.m., concerns about the safety of the cat sparked an attempt to rescue eight emergency vehicles and a special truck from the Florida Department of Transportation.

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Net in gloved hands, rescue workers lifted to the cat in the bucket of the truck. The cat watched them approach, decided he wasn’t down with the net, and scurried from the lamp to the bridge with nimble paws. He jumped away from waiting rescuers and slipped under a fire truck.

The elusive cat then raced across the traffic like a pro before settling down to watch the frantic back and forth that sped across the Intracoastal Waterway. At that point, rescue workers suspected the cat was in control of the situation, assuming he was part of the feral cat community below the bridge. They left him after making sure he was safe.

Sportscaster style cat rescue

WPLG Local 10 News covered the scene via their Sky 10 chopper and provided exciting coverage. Sportcaster Will Manso found his sports segment interrupted by the breaking stables, and instead offered a playful comment on the rescue attempt via Twitter.

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Some of his best lines?

  • “He’s got some kind of machine; it looks like one of those things you shovel fish with. “
  • “Don’t be afraid, Kitty! Trust the man with the big white helmet and gloves. “
  • “Don’t fall into the water; you don’t like water. “

And when the tuxedo boy returned to the bridge, Manso cheered a sports scaster and said, “He’s safe! Go down the field! “

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We can all party together with Manso and the stray cat as the story turned out well in the end. But the truth is, wild cats lead tough lives. You are in dangerous situations around the world every day. But dedicated cat lovers are making feral cats’ lives better with Trap Neuter Return programs. Want to learn more about feral cats and TNR efforts? Check out 9 Ways Your Local Trap, Neuter, Returning Group is helping wild and stray cats.

Since I couldn’t do my sports broadcast, here is my game of the cat stuck on the bridge and finding a way out. pic.twitter.com/503nZkYB6s

– Will Manso (@WillManso) March 24, 2021

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Feature Image: @ WillManso / Twitter