Wife brings home kittens found in the backyard, her dog takes them under her wing, especially the Runt of Litter

Wife brings home kittens found in the backyard, her dog takes them under her wing, especially the Runt of Litter

Four little kittens came to their foster home to have a better life. The rest of the litter was immediately noticed.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Earlier this week, Asa, a volunteer caregiver for The Crazy Cat Family (a TNR-focused New York City cat rescue) welcomed four tuxedo kittens to her home. They had been found together in a backyard in Queens and were in dire need of TLC.

The kittens (peanut, cashew, pistachio, and hazelnut) were estimated to last 3-4 weeks. They immediately sought affection upon arrival.

The rest of the litter, Peanut, quickly stood out as the most demanding little kitten. Although he was the smallest, he had the greatest personality from the start.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Asa’s pet dog Kona came to offer a helping paw. The cute dog is a salvation itself and has always had a caring heart for animals in need. Whenever Asa brings new kittens home, she is the first to greet them with licks and cuddles.

Upon hearing the arrival of the four kittens, her motherly instincts invariably kicked in.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

She walked up to a tuxedo baby, printed her signature kisses on his face, then moved on to another to do the same. The kittens attracted them immediately.

Peanut, the smallest of the litter, snuggled up against Kona’s stomach and tried to breastfeed. Even the hissiest kitten, pistachio, couldn’t resist Kona’s love.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Within a few minutes, Kona was arguing all the kittens in one bed with her, letting her comfort her and suck up the love. The kittens were so lucky to have a surrogate mother to snuggle up with and made themselves up next to them.

With Momma Kona constantly fixated on her, the kitten personalities start to shine. They have discovered their voices and are not afraid to use them.

Peanut the rest of the litterAsa @shibuyarollcall

Peanut may be the dwarf, but the little guy has a big voice and keeps meowing until he gets what he wants.

The tiny ball of fur is often carried around the house. He’ll crawl on his human’s foot and wrap his arms around his leg when he’s ready for a ride.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

When his people aren’t available right away, he goes straight to Kona for a cuddle and love.

Check out Kona and her foster kittens in this cute video:

Kitten and Dog www.youtube.com

Kona, the damn mom, is always keeping an eye on the kittens, making sure they don’t wander too far away.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

Peanut tried to run to the door once, but only to be intercepted by Kona. She ran to the kitten, carried him by the neck and brought him back to Asa.

The little troublemaker has the whole family to meet all of his needs.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

The four kittens thrive in their foster home and transform into playful, wild kittens.

Kona is so proud of her foster babies and takes her job very seriously. She spends napping with the kittens every night and is always attentive to their needs.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

The backyard kittens love their new life as house cats and cannot get enough love from their foster family.

Asa @shibuyarollcall

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