Why Devils Lake Ice fishing trips are perfect for perch fans

Why Devils Lake Ice fishing trips are perfect for perch fans

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to stow all of your fishing gear. Why not consider an ice fishing tour on Devils Lake? Devils Lake is located in northeast North Dakota and covers more than 180,000 acres. It is known as a hotspot for perch fishing in hard water.

Why are Devils Lake ice fishing tours perfect for bass fans? If you want to know, read on as you will find more than one answer to this question.

Now that you understand why Devils Lake ice fishing is now perfect for bass fans, it’s time to pack your thermal socks and head to North Dakota.

  • Devils Lake has often been named one of the top five fishing lakes in the country. Yellow perch weighing more than two pounds is commonly caught.
  • The large populations of freshwater shrimp in Devils Lake accelerate the growth of perch and provide an abundance of food for larger wild fish such as pike. In other words, you can catch big perch and have a chance of catching a big pike too!
  • North Dakota’s long winter season gives you more time to explore early and late ice fishing for perch on Devils Lake. Be sure to read all of the important ice fishing safety tips before you set off, and always keep your safety safe when ice fishing in Devils Lake or anywhere else.
  • Yellow perch is a schooling fish that can deliver non-stop action during the winter months as it continues to eat aggressively even in low water temperatures. The constant winter bite at Devils Lake will keep you entertained and caught.
  • There are plenty of bait shops at Devils Lake. Most offer nautical charts that can help you find good ice fishing spots for perch. If you’d prefer to fish with an experienced guide, there are also several guides who focus on ice fishing for perch in Devils Lake. You have options!
  • Getting your North Dakota fishing license online is easy, whether you are a resident or non-resident. This means you can easily purchase your license prior to your trip and be ready to catch these perch through the ice when you arrive.