Where to Fish in March: Best Fishing in the US

Where to Fish in March: Best Fishing in the US

Spring is in the air, which means that fishing is warming up in many places and anglers are researching where to fish in March. Action-packed fishing can be found in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, where the weather is nice, the sun is shining and the water is warmer. Water temperature is a key factor that most anglers use to predict fish behavior, and 70 degrees is a magic number that signals good fishing!

Whether fly fishing, light fishing or offshore – there are options for every angler. If you’re looking for the best places to go fishing in March, here are some of the best states and species to add to your spring list.

Where to fish in March: Florida

What would a fishing destination list be without Florida, the world’s fishing capital? The legendary tarpon hike begins at the end of March when schools of “silver kings” cross on the coast. Snook heats up on land around mangroves and structures, while bonefish and permit play a big role on the grassy plains of the Florida Keys on the coast.

For the brave offshore angler, sailfish are known offshore South Florida, usually fished with live bait suspended from kites, and swordfish lurk in the deep. King mackerel migrate from south to north, hunting bait schools off the coast.

Where to Fish in March: Texas

Texas has world-class golf fishing and some of the best freshwater lakes in the world. Double digits of blowhole largemouth bass is common during spring spawning and is very accessible to anglers on land and those using public land.

Redfish and large speckled trout are common in large swamps and bays and eat newly hatched shrimp, crab, and bait fish. “Blue water” anglers encounter wahoo and king mackerel off the coast of South Texas, where big bait trolling attracts big bites.

Where to Fish in March: Louisiana

Marshes, bayous and backcountry bays are great for tackling hungry sea trout and redfish with live shrimp as bait. Trophy-sized yellowfin tuna resides near offshore oil rigs and under floating debris off the coast of southeast Louisiana. Similar to the rest of the Gulf States, Wahoo can be attacked with trolling bait.

These states are some of the best places to go fishing in March. Each state has its own fishing laws and regulations. When planning your spring trip, be sure to get your fishing license for your destination. Check out our interactive map for more ideas on where to fish in March. Tight lines!