When do boat licenses expire?

When do boat licenses expire?

If you are new to the world of boating, the first item on your to-do list should meet your state’s boating license requirements. In this article, you will learn the basics and find answers to frequently asked questions such as “Are boat licenses expiring” or “Tips for renewing boat licenses”.

Many states require boat operators of a certain age to complete a boater safety course. Regardless of your age, a beginner safety course is a must. After passing the course, you may receive a safety card or boater certificate.

When do boat licenses expire?

Many boater safety certifications don’t expire, but you should check the card, certificate, or other graduation document issued after passing the course for an expiration date.

How to get a boating license

To obtain a boating license, first check the boat safety requirements and programs available in your state. The courses are available online. However, make sure they are approved by the state agency responsible for governing boating laws and regulations. An exam is usually required to successfully complete the course.

Renewal of the boat license

If you want to renew your boater safety card, you can do so through the same course that you used the first time.

Boat license against boat registration

Make sure you understand the difference between a boat license and your boat registration. The boat registration is similar to the vehicle registration in that it proves that you are the owner of the vessel and it needs to be renewed regularly.

Now that you know all things (like when boat licenses expire!), It’s time to dive into the history of your choice. Safety on the water is not to be underestimated and you should take every precaution to ensure the safety of your passengers, your fellow passengers, and yourself. Before you go to the water, make sure your fishing license is also up to date!