Two kittens found cold and wet now cozy and warm with Feline Buddy

Two kittens found cold and wet now cozy and warm with Feline Buddy

Carl and Lenny are the cutest little fuzzballs. They’re both playful and curious about what kitties should be like, but the couple had almost no chance to explore the world.

At ten days, Carl and Lenny were found with their two siblings, but the litter of four without their mother. Although the day was unusually warm in Austin, TX, a terrible winter storm recently hit the state. The consequences not only left the kittens alone, but “drenched and freezing cold”, says Megyn, the kitten connoisseur.

Megyn fostered the kittens after they were rescued by the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. It was good that the shelter took care of the trash when they did. Megyn shared, “When I started weighing her, I noticed a trend. Everyone had dried blood on their heads. One was paralyzed from behind. You already had breathing problems. All were emaciated and weak. “

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As LoveMeow reported, the kittens were so close to the edge that a thermometer couldn’t even get their body temperatures. It was a dire situation and unfortunately the paralyzed kitten died shortly after being rescued. Not long afterwards, the other girl in the litter suffered from severe breathing problems and died in Megyn’s hands.

“Within an hour, I went from hopeful to broken hearted. But I kept fighting. “

fight on

And because Megyn continues to fight, so many cats and kittens have grown strong and healthy and will find their home forever. Though their beginnings were rough, Lenny and Carl gradually recovered from their revelation and one day put them on their way to adoption.

But their journey was just beginning.

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Lenny and Carl were too weak to hold onto a nipple and had to be tube-fed, but after a few days, Carl soon picked up a bottle. His growth spurt came quickly and, despite being a tiny loudmouth, Lenny remained shorter than his brother. But just because Lenny was a teenager didn’t mean he didn’t love the bottle either. As the days passed, the adorable kittens were soon struggling for food! They also soon learned that “fingers are great pacifiers”.

Though her teeth come out like tiny needles, Megyn doesn’t mind and explains, “Whatever it takes to make her happy!”

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Four weeks and a pound!

After the boys hit a whole pound and a month it was time to learn about real food, and Lenny loved it!

“Lenny took a whiff of large kitten food and decided to throw the bottle away for good!”

As the kittens grow, Megyn told LoveMeow that each of the cubs have their own purrsonality.

“Carl was the one who pushed me to fight so hard that he purred as soon as he was touched. He always had a quiet, sweet way with him. “

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“Lenny has always been the sucker and is as cuddly as possible. He has a habit of falling asleep quickly in the middle of a game when he is playing on his back. “

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“They are true best friends who are constantly cuddling each other. Lenny especially likes having his arms wrapped around his brother while he is napping. “

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New friend to help kittens cat

Carl and Lenny have a new and older friend who teaches them what it is to be a cat. Oliver, a cute cat who stayed with Megyn to recover from fractures and neurological injuries, was a little shy at first, but “the kittens loved him immediately”. Loud Lenny and calm Carl soon had Oliver under their hazy influence.

“Oliver wants to be around the kittens all the time to watch them play or cuddle. And in return, they absolutely adore him and seek him out. I’m grateful that he found company in these two stupid boys. “

In a short time the trio of cats had become a regular “BRO SQUAD”.

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Together, the three of them will be strong, healthy, and ready to go home forever!

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