Twisted leg kitten shows fighting spirit and insists on walking on all fours

Twisted leg kitten shows fighting spirit and insists on walking on all fours

A kitten with a twisted leg shows an incredible fighting spirit and insists on walking on all fours.

Alley Cat Rescue

A tiny tuxedo kitten was taken to a California animal shelter earlier last month. He was only the size of a palm and had a twisted leg. Even though he was so small, he was very vocal and determined to live.

Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles was at the shelter to pick up two litter of kittens when asked about the tiny singleton. “We were asked if we could take another one with leg deformity. How could we not,” said Alley Cat Rescue Love Meow.

“We hadn’t seen him until he was brought to us in a porter that was screaming as loudly as it could. We only love lively little babies and see it as a really good sign.”

Alley Cat Rescue

They named the Smoking Panda and started feeding around the clock in hopes of gaining weight. The tiny bundle of joy immediately clung to the bottle and devoured the formula like a champion.

“He started purring and meowing like crazy when he saw us knowing food was on the way,” said Alley Cat Rescue.

Alley Cat Rescue

Panda gained weight and steadily gained strength every day. His caretakers began slowly and gently to massage his little foot and warm the ligaments to relieve the pressure. They also used laser treatments to reduce inflammation and pain.

In just one week, the kitten’s weight has almost tripled. “We do a happy dance every time he’s on the scales! We do physical therapy on his leg every day and won’t give up trying.”

Alley Cat Rescue

As soon as Panda was strong enough to hold its own, he began to waddle. His left hind leg was still a work in progress, but the brave little fellow wouldn’t let that stop him.

“Play really helps when he’s rolling side to side. We’re trying to get him to push more with that hind leg. He loves abdominal massages and is just adorable.”

While his caretakers worked diligently to improve his small hind leg, Panda lived life to the fullest. He ran to his people every time they came into the room and played with toys with so much force.

“He’s trying to climb the scratching posts and the side of the play pen, and he’s ready for the big world.”

Alley Cat Rescue

As Panda got stronger, he got more mobile and wilder. To allow his leg to heal, he was temporarily poured to protect the joint of his foot.

“He had twisted it completely and it restricted his ability to move and play,” said Alley Cat Rescue.

Alley Cat Rescue

“We’ll do everything we can to save his back leg. Cats make good tripods, but with these little boys we prefer not to have surgery if that can be prevented.”

The little tuxedo is always in a good mood and insists on doing everything just like other cats.

Alley Cat Rescue

Panda made incredible progress and started walking on his hind leg. No more lugging its foot around while the kitten has figured out how to use its toes to move and navigate.

Watch Panda on all fours in this cute video:

Panda the kitten

Knowing that Panda could benefit from a friend, they matched him with another singleton, Panther.

“He made friends with Panther quickly. He’s happy to cuddle with Panther and they go everywhere together, even with the vet!”

Alley Cat Rescue

After weeks of physiotherapy and tireless efforts, the hard work has paid off.

“Panda can now climb onto the sofa. We’re focusing on the back left ankle and we’re seeing huge improvements every week,” Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

Alley Cat Rescue

The tuxedo is now playing and creating antics in the room as it should be.

“Our vet was amazed at the transformation. He has a little way to go, but a wonderful team and a buddy like Panther who encourages him to explore makes all the difference!”

Alley Cat Rescue

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