Thieves hung innocent dogs’ feet from a tree and abandoned it

Thieves hung innocent dogs' feet from a tree and abandoned it

WARNING: Topics, images and videos can be sensitive to some readers.

Some people do cruel things for no reason. And that seems to have happened to a dog named Fanta. He just relaxed outside and minded his own business as all of his greatest fears came to life. Before he knew what was going on, a group of strangers dragged him into a vehicle and tortured him in an abandoned property. Poor Fanta deserved none of it. And he might not have survived if a kind soul had not come to the rescue.

Image: Screenshot, Paw Rescue YouTube

Fantasy’s heartbreaking fate

Surveillance cameras saw a disturbing sight the day Fanta was kidnapped. The material showed two people pulling Fanta around her neck with a rope. Fanta turned and squirmed, trying to escape, but gave up when they dragged him across the sidewalk. They pushed him into their truck and showed no mercy.

Reportedly, anyone trying to confront the thieves threatened them and even pulled out weapons. Then they drove off with Fanta in their vehicle. They didn’t stop until they reached an abandoned house. Unfortunately, Fanta only experienced more torture in this house. They tied a rope to his leg and tied him to a branch. Then they left him without a second thought.

Image: Screenshot, Paw Rescue YouTube

Fanta kept calling for help as the pain persisted in his foot. Fortunately, a good Samaritan heard his screams and contacted an animal rescue group. Rescuers rushed to the scene and called in the police. They refused to let such cruel people get away with these acts.

Fanta finds happiness and justice

Fanta received immediate medical attention. His leg was badly injured, so veterinarians feared they would have to amputate it. But they were gentle with him and cleaned his wounds as best they could. Soon he was feeling better and ready to go again!

While Fanta was being looked after, the police located the three responsible men and arrested them. Now they will never be able to harm any other innocent animal again.

Image: Screenshot, Paw Rescue YouTube

This cute puppy is getting better every day. He could never move as easily as he used to, but now he can walk alone. He also made friends with some of the other dogs on the rescue and warmed up to the friendly staff. At first he was trembling a lot, but now he seems so grateful to be surrounded by people who take care of him.

Fanta went into foster care shortly after his rescue. His foster mother spent a lot of time keeping his wounds clean so that his infections could heal completely. On the way, his foster family fell deeply in love with him and decided to adopt him. Now Fanta is happier than ever and his tail never stops wagging!

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Featured image: Screenshots, Paw Rescue YouTube