There is now a dating app for cat lovers

There is now a dating app for cat lovers

Was your dating life a catastrophe? There’s an app for that! Tabby – The Cat Person’s Dating App is an offshoot of Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App, which was started in 2018 by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson. Tabby is a great way for cat lovers to bond. The app partnered with two social media influencer cat dads, Nathan “The Cat Lady” Kehn and Sterling “TrapKing” Davis, to help spread the word.

Cat fathers especially love the idea. Recent studies have shown that men get less matches from general dating apps when their dating profile photos include cats.

“Cat is a lifestyle,” says Nathan, who is a cat father of four. “Cat people are just as unique as the cats they love, but we get along. It’s important to find someone who loves cats as much as you do. “

Cat lovers and cat owners can meet, schedule cat-friendly appointments, exchange videos, photos and stories, and complete offers from animal companies.

“I want the guys to know that showing compassion and saving cats is a great thing,” said Sterling Davis, who runs an Atlanta-based charitable organization that helps return neutrals. “If I can show other men that there are people who really value what they do – maybe we can help them find love AND find more cat houses at the same time.”

Tabby can be downloaded on iOS from the App Store and Google Play. Please visit for more information.

Featured image: Dig Dates, Inc.

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