Start them young. A father takes his daughter fishing

  Start them young.  A father takes his daughter fishing

We recently took our daughter out fishing for the first time. It was a bit of a mess, but still a huge success. Much of the frustration came from the inaccuracy of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Angel app – neither of the first two spots I picked worked. However, thanks to the friendliness of a volunteer in Rocky Mountain National Park, we found a place to go later that afternoon.

I haven’t fished since I was twelve and I can probably count on my fingers how many times I’ve fished in my entire life. I hardly know what I’m doing. However, I did a little research on trout and bought equipment for trout fishing with bait. I set up my little one on her Paw Patrol rod and reel.

At first I watered for her and taught her to be patient, watch the bobber and hold the leash tight. She wasn’t very patient and continued winding it up. I spent some time teaching her how to cast. After a bit of frustration, a few tears, and an encouraging conversation, she finally settled down to learn how to do it, and within a few minutes she tossed the line pretty well, if not consistently. One of the things I told her was frustration, a part of fishing, and it took patience and perseverance to overcome it.

At this point, she pretty much knows everything I know about fishing.

Now my wife and myself need to learn more about fishing and take them with us as often as possible. I know it’s not rocket science, but it’s not easy either. Neither of us had an angel mentor to teach us anything, and now we have to look after our daughter. I know I can teach her to hunt, but how to fish? She can come by me before her sixth birthday.

I do what I can, not only for myself and my own love of hunting and fishing, but also for the next generation. But for every child who doesn’t learn to hunt or fish and has the desire like me, it’s an uphill battle as an adult. We have to start them young. We have no other choice.

Learn more about fishing and fishing safety tips with children on our website. Before planning your next fishing trip with your family and children, you should first get your fishing license.

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Jeremy Climer

Jeremy Climer is the editor of, where he writes about our spiritual connection to the land and the ethical concerns of the outdoors. He loves being outdoors with his wife and daughter in the home state of Colorado.