San Diego Fishing Trips: Where To Fish On Land or Water

San Diego Fishing Trips: Where To Fish On Land or Water

Known as one of America’s finest fishing towns, San Diego is popular with fishermen looking for world-class fishing year round. The Pacific offers a variety of game fishing on land and offshore, while numerous lakes offer exceptional freshwater fishing. Here are some ideas to help you plan your fishing trips in San Diego.

Fish San Diego By Sea: Book A Charter

Booking a charter is the best way to ensure successful fishing trips in San Diego. Experienced captains, the best equipment and knowledge of the local waters are ingredients for an unforgettable fishing experience. Common offshore game species include yellow fins, red fins, yellowtail, albacore, mahi mahi, wahoo, and marlin. There are five main landings in San Diego that are home to the area’s most prestigious fishing charters.

  • H&M landing
  • Point Loma sport fishing
  • Fisherman landing
  • Helgren’s Landing
  • Seaforth Landing

Fish San Diego by Land: Pier Fishing

There are 7 fishing piers in San Diego and over 70 miles of beautiful beaches that offer fishing for all skill levels. Fish from the pier or try your hand at surf fishing. The target group are popular species such as halibut, bonito, perch, perch, mackerel, yellowtail, sharks, rays and barracuda. If you’re planning on fishing trips in San Diego, be sure to give the Piers a try.

  • Ocean Beach Pier – A 1,971 foot concrete pier with over a mile of handrail. This is the longest pier on the west coast.
  • Crystal Pier – Known for its high catches, this pier offers on-site cottages and hotel accommodations.
  • Coronado Ferry Landing Pier – A small, hidden “pier” located behind the Old Ferry Landing Shopping Complex on Coronado Island.
  • Shelter Island Pier – A shorter pier on San Diego Bay, but it extends 500 feet beyond the T-shaped end.
  • Oceanside Pier – A long, 1,942 foot pier where pelagic species can be caught.
  • Imperial Beach Pier – The southernmost pier in San Diego stretches across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Embarcadero Marina Park Pier – A less popular pier, but quality fish are attracted to a nearby man-made reef.

Fish San Diego by Land: Freshwater Lakes

There are more than 25 freshwater lakes and reservoirs in San Diego that provide extensive fishing opportunities for land-based anglers. The target group are different species such as trout, crappies, trout and black bass, sturgeon, catfish and bluegill. Here are just a few popular fishing lakes in San Diego.

  • Lake Cuyamaca – a remote 110 acre mountain lake with scenic surroundings in the state park.
  • Santee Lakes – seven small, well-stocked reservoirs with straight shores and cabins on site.
  • Chollas lake – a tiny urban lake where only teenagers can fish.
  • Lake Jennings – a large lake with an adjoining campsite.
  • San Vincente reservoir – one of the largest lakes in the country with 1,100 acres and 14 miles of fishable coastline.
  • Lake Miramar and Lake Murray – Easily accessible suburban lakes.
  • Barrett Lake – As one of the best bass fishing in the world, tickets must be reserved in advance to fish here.

For more ideas on fishing in California, check out our interactive map. Don’t forget to purchase your California fishing license from our state page.