Quiz: Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend?

Quiz: Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend?

We recently saw a cartoon * titled “Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend?”, An amusing creation by Grace Miceli – one of those quizzes designed to poke fun at dog people – the supposed madness reflects how “far away.” “People are who love their dogs intensely. Funny thing, the questions they asked that were supposed to drive us crazy … um, didn’t seem that crazy. What do you think?

Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend?
Q: Does your dog have at least five nicknames? Right or wrong
Q: Are you feeding your dog in front of himself? Right or wrong
Q: Do you share your exciting news with your dog before anyone else? Right or wrong
Q: Is your dog the first thing you see, smell, or touch when you wake up in the morning? Right or wrong
Q: Have you ever looked into dog cloning? (à la Barbra Streisand) Right or wrong
Question: Does your significant other often need clarification about whether you are talking to him or the dog? Right or wrong

(If you got 1-2 true answers: maybe you are a cat person; 3-4 true: you are definitely close; 5-6 true: congratulations! You are officially BFFs)

* As seen in the New York Daily Shouts newsletter, originally by Grace Miceli