Police unmask abusive puppy mill with dozens of traumatized dogs

Police unmask abusive puppy mill with dozens of traumatized dogs

A Michigan woman is confronted with the aftermath of trauma to dozens of dogs and puppies in a gruesome breeding operation. When she ran a puppy mill in the backyard under deplorable conditions, she abused hundreds of animals that made so much more.

Local soldiers in Michigan made a shocking discovery when responding to a call about an abandoned horse. When they examined the area, they were horrified at what they found.

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Right next to where the horse was found was a cruel puppy mill that was home to more than a hundred abused dogs. The conditions in this underground operation were so deplorable that even the shelter officials were shocked.

Rebecca Sue Johnson had cages with dogs that were forced to breed and live in appalling conditions of total neglect and abuse. Delta County officials removed a total of 65 adult dogs, 69 puppies, and 20 horses, all of which were in poor condition.

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The dogs lived in the muck, were covered in feces and had neither food nor water. Not only were they forced to live in appalling conditions, but they were all force-bred to sell their pups. Almost every adult woman was either pregnant, just breastfeeding, or just showing weaning pups.

By the time the officers walked in, each puppy had suffered heartbreaking physical and emotional neglect. Almost every dog ​​suffers from severe psychological distress as well as diseases that are common in dog hoarding areas. Fortunately for these furry friends, they are finally getting the care they deserve.

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The dogs were immediately pulled from the property and sent to the competent team at the Delta Animal Shelter, where they can be healed from their traumatizing ordeal.

Within two months, the several pregnant women gave birth to 100 additional puppies. The Delta Animal Shelter now looks after over 200 dogs and puppies with the help of carers. Everyone will at some point forever need families to call their own.

In the time since that devastating discovery, Rebecca Sue Johnson has been charged with animal cruelty and kept an unregistered pound. Local police officers also ask anyone who has bought a puppy from her to report as they work tirelessly to bring proceedings against her.

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We are very grateful for the endless work of the Delta Animal Shelter and for every person who offered assistance with this rescue operation. We hope that every broken puppy can find a loving family to help heal their heart.

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