“Pint-Sized Cutie” with special needs hops towards the home forever


If you are reading this, you have been captured by Huxley, the kitten’s adorable face and curious eyes. And how could you not? These lovely peepers are almost as tall as her!

The little Torbie kitten with the stubbly tail was described as a “spicy little Spitfire” by Shannon Basner, director of the KAAATs in Alaska. It’s easy to see how Huxley’s purism shows through in pictures. Just look at the adorable mischief in those bright eyes!

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All of her sperm and ass have served Huxley well, helping the tortoiseshell tabby shoulder solve the problems at work inside her tiny body. As a young kitten, Huxley was inducted into the Anchorage Animal Control (AACC) along with a large group of cats. Little else is known about her story, but what cat rescuers did know was that Huxley was a sick kitten and needed a lot of care.

After several months of Huxley’s health deteriorating and gaining weight, the AACC found that she had urinary problems and was unable to walk unaided. In order to best take care of tiny Torbie, Shannon told LoveMeow, “They reached out to us to see if we could add her to our Mojo’s Hope program as our mission is to help animals with special needs. “

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Of course, Shannon greeted the kitten with open arms. And when Huxley went from the shelter to her new foster mother, the AACC sent her “away with all her goodies, a scratching post, scratches and her favorite toy”.

Huxley quickly got down to her new routine with Shannon, learning the new scents, enjoying the good food and happily stinking in the litter box!

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A tough kitten

Due to her small size, Huxley was believed to be around 4 months old when she came to see Shannon. But the kitten exhibited behaviors that marked it older. An infection that developed also added to confusion about her age, and after consulting the vet, Shannon learned that Baby Huxley was actually about six months old.

Between antibiotics and a spay operation, Huxley fights hard to fight the infection while Shannon and the vet learn more about the kitten’s problems.

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As Shannon told Love Meow, “The vet also took some x-rays so we could take a look at her spine to see what could be causing her incontinence, which is most likely called Manx syndrome.”

Manx syndrome occurs when the gene that causes the manx’s knobbed tail can cause cats to be born with a shortened spine. Such a problem can affect cats with a variety of problems, including incontinence problems that plague Huxley with stubby tail.

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Huxley needs help handling the urine business several times a day. Shannon helps her stay nice and clean so that she can feel good while playing. And Huxley loves to play!

“For a little sweetie, it’s bigger than life itself. Your charm is expressed when you play with the crispy ball, the laser light or your favorite ball, the muddy ball. “

@ alaskaskaaats / Instagram
@ alaskaskaaats / Instagram

While she’s terrorizing the toys, Huxley’s shortened spine also makes her hop around on her hind legs, but nothing slows this adorable Torbie cat! Though small for her age, this playful kitten has a lion’s heart. And despite her rough beginnings, she has so much love to give.

On the way to a forever home

Shannon is “hopeful” about Huxley finding her family and feels that she will be able to choose a loving home forever – a home that is ready to put into their hearts, Understand her special needs and provide her with the lifelong care she needs to stay happy and healthy. “

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