Our Idaho Family Fishing Adventure

Our family fishing and boating adventure in Idaho

Vanessa & Paul Hunt


In the Sierra Mountains of Idaho is one of the best cities in the state, the city of Stanley. This is a small community of around 60 residents that attracts a wide variety of visitors in the spring, summer, and fall as it has the best of water sports such as rafting, boating, water skiing, paddle boarding, surfing and kayaking, swimming, and most importantly, fishing. Stanley has it all for a water lover!

Camping with the kids is on our summer list this year. Confession: Our children have never camped! When we found out about Stanley we knew this would be the perfect place for us. It has everything we love: mountains, nature, hiking, rivers, lakes and fishing!

Rainbow trout, mountain whitefish and chinook salmon live in Stanley. The Salmon River is more than 900 miles long and fishermen flock to catch salmon in several minutes in the spring. Now you know why it’s called the Salmon River!

We camped by the lake in Stanley for several days and had the opportunity to sail, kayak, and fish in the waters of Lake Stanley by boat on the Salmon River. We also fly fish in the Salmon River. To get there we used the Let’s Go Fishing interactive map to find the best fishing spots in Stanley, as well as a fly fishing shop and fishing guide.

We camp for Paul’s birthday and he has always wanted to learn how to fly fish so he decided to find a guide who would give him a fishing lesson.

I’ll have Paul tell you about his fly fishing experience:

Fly fishing guide Troy with Sawtooth Adventure Co. was very knowledgeable, not only about fly fishing techniques and locations, but also about the local fish species. We walked along the Salmon River learning about Stanley’s local history, the different fish species, the life cycles of insects and how it affects fish feeding habits, and much more. It was a fun, educational, and relaxing fishing trip that I would recommend to anyone. Since I’m new to fly fishing, I also enjoyed how Troy took the time to teach me the techniques and helped me improve my casting throughout the day. I’m a fly fisherman now!

After rafting the river, they lent us an inflatable kayak for a few days so the kids could fish on the lake near Stanley. They only caught sticks but it was a great exercise for them and we loved watching them fish independently. They asked us to get up early to go fishing! How surprising is that?

Our time in Stanley was perfect for camping and fishing. We loved being with the family and reconnecting with nature! We think we have to do this more often!

What was your favorite place to fish and connect with nature? We’d love to see your favorite spots for camping, sailing, and fishing!

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Vanessa & Paul Hunt

Vanessa & Paul Hunt

Vanessa and Paul Hunt are a married couple who travel full-time with their four children around the world and attend the world school. They love to live a life full of adventure and learn all they can together.