Online calculator counts the hours of sleep your cat has lost

Online calculator counts the hours of sleep your cat has lost

Cats ruin your sleep.

There is absolutely no doubt either. Especially when you sip your morning coffee and watch with dull eyes as the cat who had to keep you awake in the early hours of the morning sleeps peacefully while the sun burns brightly. The snowy sight only makes you meow them until they wake up!

Now, thanks to The Lost Sleep Calculator for Pet Owners, we can find out exactly how much sleep our cats have robbed us of.

The calculator is brought to cat parents by, a window treatment company that has been providing services to the UK for 50 years. You already know that your cat is waking you up for a variety of reasons, but isn’t it fun figuring out exactly how much sleep you are losing?

Before entering your information, a warning, you will still be amazed by how much sleep the cat has been demanding!

Fifteen years mean eight months awake

Here’s an example: if you’ve had your cat for 15 years, the calculator says you lost 5,838 hours, which is 243 days, which is 8 months of sleep loss. They also changed the litter box almost 11,000 times! Yes, the calculator throws in that fun piece of information too, proving that the folks at understand that lost sleep and cat poop are your life!

You may be shitty and tired, but cat lovers know that you love parenting cats as much as we do, even if you feel dazed thanks to Midnight Stormpaws!

In addition to sleeping and litter pan offerings, also has the following interesting facts about the sleepy cat’s parent:

  • 1 in 4 pet parents are more likely to say goodbye to their cats and dogs than to their significant other.
  • 1 in 8 people ate their pet’s dinner because they accidentally gave their cat or dog their food plate.
  • Every third Furry parent has woken up to a dog or cat on their head.
  • Half of the pet parents sleep in bed with their fur babies.

What other silly things did you do about your cat giving you a sleepless night?

Lucy Askew, Public Relations Manager at explains, “It’s easy to forget how much having a pet can turn your life upside down, and this tool just shows it. We love our pets and everything that goes with them, but it’s a bit worrying to hear people accidentally eat pet food! “

Ready to Know the Truth? Enter your numbers and find out how sleepy you really are thanks to your cat!

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