North Korea collects family dogs for slaughter when there is a food shortage

North Korea collects family dogs for slaughter when there is a food shortage

Just when it looks like the dog meat trade is getting smaller, something terrible happens. North Korea has never been a dog-friendly country, but many families still had beloved animals in their households. Now Kim Jong Un has banned pets and he is bringing together all dogs in the country. Many families are outraged and heartbroken, but what’s worse is where these dogs are going. The ban came in July and now, amid the country’s food shortage, officials are collecting the dogs. It has been reported that the majority of these canines are sold for dog meat. It’s horrifying to even imagine.

Why are dogs prohibited?

Kim announced that dogs are now considered a “decadent luxury” and “depraved trend of bourgeois ideology” in North Korea. In other words, he believes dogs are more of a status for wealthy people than a family member. But every real dog parent knows this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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“Ordinary people raise pigs and cattle on their porches, but senior officials and the wealthy own dogs created some resentment,” a source said.

Now nobody in North Korea is allowed to have a dog in their family. Heartbreaking as it is, dogs are being taken from their families. Most people don’t know exactly where their best friends are going, but they have an idea. Unfortunately, it’s too awful to even think about.

What will happen to these dogs?

It has been reported that some dogs are sent to zoos while others are sold to restaurants, where dogs are widely consumed in North Korea. A recent report by the United Nations estimated that around 60% of the North Korean population is suffering from food shortages. So there are millions of people struggling for food and Kim seems to believe that dog confiscation is the only way to solve this. It’s a brutal and unforgivable way of thinking.

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Of course, people can try hiding their dogs, but it didn’t seem to work well so far. After all, dogs often need to go outside for toilet breaks and fresh air. Officials are always on the lookout for people who still have dogs so they can confiscate them.

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“Authorities have identified households with dogs and are forcing them to abandon them or forcibly confiscate and lay them down,” the source added.

Dog parents are mad at this unreasonable decision. It is heartbreaking to believe that on the same planet as us, someone is losing their furry friend to meat. In fact, some places are still selling dog meat and it has to stop now. Humane Society International may not be able to stop North Korea but is working to stop dog meat consumption as much as possible. Visit their website to find out how you can put an end to these inhumane practices.

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