National Boston Terrier Day

National Boston Terrier Day

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While the Boston Terrier is short, averaging just 16 inches tall, the breed holds a huge place in the heart of anyone lucky enough to be a pet parent to dogs nicknamed “The American Gentleman.” The Boston Terrier is so popular that these cute canines have their own pet vacation. National Boston Terrier Day takes place on 19th of February!

In celebration of National Boston Terrier Day, we’ve pulled out a few facts:

Boston Terrier Trivia

  • Named for the city of their origins, if you are looking for an American breed look no further than the Boston Terrier!
  • A puppy that made Beantown proud, the Boston Terrier was named the Massachusetts State Dog in 1979.
  • A Boston Terrier named Bruschi bears the title of “dog with the biggest eyes” in the Guinness Book of Records. Each pooch’s peeper is 28mm in diameter.
  • Since 1922, a Boston Terrier has been an unofficial mascot for Boston University. In the footsteps (or rather paw prints) of Kappa, Danny, Danny II, Gulliver, Fumbles, Terrier III and several dogs named Rhett, R2 took over the role in the summer of 2020.
  • On the American Kennel Club’s annual list of the most popular dog breeds, the Boston Terrier slowly climbed to the top of the top 20 in 2020, finishing at number 21.

Boston Terrier in Movies

  • The backup plan – A trio of talented tail waggers named Nubbin, Nip and Tuck portrayed Jennifer Lopez’s particularly capable dog in this romantic comedy. Following the cinematic story of a single woman who runs a humane pet shop that houses dogs in need, CBS Films and The American Humane Society celebrated the release of the film with a statewide pet adoption event.
  • Hotel for dogs – Nip, Tuck and Nubbin once again showed their skills on screen, portraying Georgia in this 2009 family comedy.

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  • Firmly – This animated story of a stray puppy from Boston won an Oscar for Best Animated Short at the 87th Annual Academy Awards!
  • Hector and the search for happiness – Luna the Boston Terrier, who demonstrated her acting skills alongside British stars Simon Pegg and Rosamund Pike in this 2014 dramedy, had the opportunity to meet an American canine icon while helping Lassut at a Best Friends Animal Society Strut Your To raise funds at Mutt Event.
  • Valentine’s day Audiences fell in love with the Boston Terrier, who portrayed Pushkin in this star-studded romantic comedy directed by Gary Marshall from 2010.

Boston Terrier in Comics

  • Zack Hill – Cagney draws attention to the cuteness of the Boston Terriers and is the barking buddy of a 10-year-old boy who lives with his mother in a guesthouse populated with bizarre characters in the comic strip Zack Hill.

Famous Pet Parents of Boston Terriers

  • Louis Armstrong – Satchmo’s paw buddy was called General.
  • Gerald Ford – Though he would later live in the White House with a Golden Retriever named Liberty, as Boston President of the United States, his children’s home included two Boston Terriers: Spot and Spot.
  • Warren G. Harding Before becoming the 29th President of the United States, Harding held the title of proud pet parent of a Boston Terrier named Hub.
  • Famke Janssen – Liquorice joined The X-Men star in an ad reminding animal lovers that their four-legged friends were being neutered or neutered.
  • Helen Keller – In an essay entitled “Three days to see”, Helen Keller wrote her wish: “I want to look into the loyal, trusting eyes of my dogs … whose warm, tender and playful friendships so comfort me.” One of Keller’s loyal four-legged friends was Phiz, who, according to the American Kennel Club, was “an early specimen of today’s Boston Terrier.”
  • Yasmin Le Bon – The Boston Terrier Cecil posed for a paw thing when he joined his human model, fashion designer, and wife of Duran Duran front man Simon Le Bon and his furry siblings on camera for a photo that appeared on The Company of Dogs exhibition, raised funds for the UK’s largest dog charity, Dogs Trust.
  • Denise Richards – Actress / animal advocate Denise Richards has cast a number of rescue dogs in the coveted role of her real fur baby, including a Boston Terrier named Nana. Nana found her famous mother, Boston Buddies, thanks to the rescue of the Boston Terrier in Southern California.
  • Christy Turlington – Christy Turlington, known for sneaking down the runway in couture creations, focused on her own needle and thread skills during the quarantine supermodel, creating pin cushions with the faces of her Boston Terriers!

National Boston Terrier Day