Monch Bars are the take-away snack every dog ​​needs this summer

Monch Bars are the take-away snack every dog ​​needs this summer

Dog parents love to pamper their pups, but treats can be frustrating. Finding healthy, natural indulgence for walks is especially difficult. Fortunately, this Canadian brand has the answer to our messy pocket problems with their Monch Bars – a natural protein snack bar for dogs!

After Vino, the founder of fresh dog foods, embraced his energetic Black Mouth Cur, he struggled to find workout treats that were easy to digest and convenient for walks. This event led him to countless zoo calls with dog parents to learn how to fix it.

“I kept asking myself why I could buy an RXBar, LaraBar or Kind Bar, but nothing comparable for my dog,” said Vino (founder of the new brand for the delivery of fresh dog food, Kabo).

Let’s dive into the many benefits of this formidable innovation and discuss how Monch bar treats can change your furry friend’s life.

They have digestible ingredients for sensitive stomachs

Have you ever wondered how treats could affect your dog’s feces during a hike or long walk? Well, this bar is filled with natural fibers from sources like oatmeal, carrots, and pumpkin. These ingredients aid digestion and ensure healthy faeces. Plus, these bars are baked in small quantities with no chemicals, fillers, or preservatives. So, they will help prevent constipation and allow your pup to have a smooth bowel movement.

The novel protein options help with dog allergies

More dogs are prone to dog food allergies than we think. Allergies are especially common when it comes to popular proteins like chicken and beef. Novel proteins such as salmon, duck and lamb reduce the risk of allergies and sensitivities. They are also extremely tasty for all dogs, from puppies to senior citizens. That is why these energy bars for dogs only contain the most allergy-friendly ingredients.

They are designed to fight inflammation

Food sensitivities, breed genetics, allergies, and the environment can all increase inflammation in dogs, whether they are a growing puppy or an older dog. Many studies show that high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants can lead to less inflammation. The inclusion of superfoods in omega-3 fatty acids like flaxseed and hemp hearts can help reduce joint inflammation. Omega fatty acids also give your dog the support he needs to take more walks for many years to come.

Of course they are designed for you too!

We’ve all been there trying to portion dog food into a Ziploc bag or tossing it in our jacket pockets. While there are many healthy treatment options out there, it’s nice to finally have a choice that suits the lifestyle of modern dog parents. These individually wrapped poles are perfect for throwing in the car during a road trip with the dog. The bars have an easy tear-open option and will fit perfectly in your pocket, pouch, or dog treat pouch. Your dog deserves treats, but you deserve convenience too!

Whether your furry friend learned a new trick or was a good dog (for not barking at the door at Zoom meetings), there are plenty of moments when our furry friends deserve a treat. While throwing a few extra table scraps seems harmless enough, these dog protein bars are a better option. Monch Bars are finally available this summer! Grab your pack of Monch Bars now and your dog will thank you later.