Missing cat wanders 24 miles to the birthplace after losing his way home

Missing cat wanders 24 miles to the birthplace after losing his way home

When Cupid the cat was lost, instinct led him to a place 24 miles from home and over a year ago. His memories of kittens and cat treats took him to the old neighborhood where his mother first adopted him.

But before his amazing cat story could be told, his family was desperate for weeks and looked for their beloved cat.

A little over a month ago, Cupid, a pretty ginger cat, went missing from home. When he didn’t come home for dinner, his mother, India Redman, began to get angry. India and her father Colin immediately took to the streets looking for their lost cat. For days to weeks they searched the neighborhood and social media for signs of Cupid.

A quick response to a missing poster raised hope, telling Metro News, “Someone actually saw him sitting outside her house three days after he disappeared.”

Image courtesy of India Redman via www.bbc.com

But, like cats, Cupid was already gone, although his family immediately jumped to the extreme and abandoned the search to continue. Days passed before the news came that the cat and mother would eventually reunite.

India received a message from a woman who reported a ginger cat near her home. She suspected it might be Cupid, so India “jumped out of bed and called her right away because I was so excited”.

“We talked and it was definitely Cupid she found.”

But Cupid’s finder, Amy Osbourne, didn’t live a block or two from India. No, she lived 24 miles from Cupid’s house!

“I was shocked when she told me she was in Odstock in Wiltshire. He must have walked across rivers and fields to get there in stealth mode. “

A wild twist thanks to memories of kittens

When India arrived to pick up Cupid the neighborhood was familiar, and the mother cat revealed, “He was found two doors down from the house I bought him from.”

India Redman / Facebook

India had a theory about what brought their kitten boy to his original tamping ground, stating, “Everyone loves him so much in our house and he gets constant attention, so I think he couldn’t find his home here because he is too far was gone, he went to another place that was familiar to him. “

“I feel like he went there to find the original owners, but they had moved so he went to a different place that was familiar to him. I like to think that he remembers where he was born and must have come back to his roots for a little trip. “

And while intact male cats tend to move, Cupid’s 24-mile hike is most unusual, but not uncommon, as cats are highly intelligent beings with mysterious senses that we haven’t yet understood. Science hasn’t figured out exactly what gives cats their incredible sense of navigation. Is it a homing instinct that follows magnetic fields, or even something supernatural?

Image courtesy India Redman via StoryTrender

Whatever the reason Cupid can make this trip, his family is glad their smeared-eyed tabby cat is back!

“We are so glad that he is home and safe after his 24 mile journey back to his roots.”

House arrest

To quell the hangover’s roaming instinct, India said: “We have just chipped and neutered him so he is currently under house arrest, but I’m sure he will be out soon for more adventures. “

Cat Protection Bournemouth & District / Facebook

With his wallet now empty, Cupid’s adventures will most likely keep him closer to home so he can easily laze around while staying close to his family!

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Feature Image: Courtesy of India Redman via www.bbc.com