Minnesota’s LakeFinder is an angler’s best friend

Minnesota's LakeFinder is an angler's best friend

Anglers, make the most of your Minnesota fishing trip and visit LakeFinder, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ powerful web-based fishing tool.

LakeFinder is the most popular destination on the agency’s website and has detailed information on 4,500 fishing lakes. Available in desktop and mobile versions, LakeFinder gives you access to information on lake-to-lake fish populations, reports on fish stocks, contour lake maps, advice on fish consumption and much more. You can even buy a fishing license and download the latest fishing regulations brochure from the mobile website.

Why is LakeFinder so popular?

Ease of navigation is a big reason.

When you launch Mobile LakeFinder, you can search for a lake on your first screen by name or location on a state map. You will even get a list of the lakes near your current location.

Once you have selected a lake that you are interested in, the next screen will show you information about the species of fish present in the lake and the applicable fishing regulations. You can also get a contour map of the lake shown on an aerial photo. This is a practical feature because the aerial photo and contour map shows not only the depths of the lake, but also the locations of the public launch sites for boats and the density of cabins and houses around the lake. In Minnesota, some lakes are very developed, which means the lake is surrounded by docks, boat lifts, and homes. Conversely, some lakes are largely undeveloped, which means long natural habitats on the coast. This way, those using LakeFinder’s aerial photography feature can get a feel for their fishing experience before they even arrive.

You can also get a feel for what you are likely to catch. This is because, from lake to lake, LakeFinder provides information about the size of the lake, its water clarity, the status of the fishery, and specific information about the size and abundance of fish in the lake. LakeFinder also provides information on what type of public boat launch area to expect and how much parking is available.

Finally, LakeFinder provides fish consumption guidelines that people can use to decide which fish to eat and how often. These guidelines enable people to reduce their exposure to pollutants while enjoying the many benefits of eating fish.

If you haven’t used LakeFinder before, now is the time to do it. It’s a cool tool that is easy to use with smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. Visit the Fishing & Boating in MN page to learn more about how to get a fishing license in MN, find places to fish, and more information.