Meet Zapp Zappleton

Meet Zapp Zappleton

We were “introduced” to this amazing cat thanks to a crazy coincidence involving our CFO, his wife and a Catster tote bag.

In December 2016, Zapp Zappleton’s kitten curiosity overwhelmed him when he bit into a wire in a defective electrical outlet and was electrocuted that severely damaged his nose, tongue and windpipe. He was taken to the Milford Veterinary Clinic in Connecticut. Although his family adored him, they could not provide the critical care he needed, so he was turned over to the clinic to give him a chance to fight.

One day after arriving at the clinic, Zapp had to undergo a tracheostomy in order to breathe. In the next few months he had countless operations and had to be fed with the tube.

At the time, Wendy Andersen was a veterinarian at the clinic, and she was helping him groom after his multiple surgeries. Because he was in such bad shape for the first few months, he really couldn’t be left alone, so Wendy brought him home for treatment and observation at night.

It’s no surprise the two bonded – and now Zapp has become a permanent member of Wendy’s family.

With all the ups and downs and even a few deaths, Zapp always had a positive attitude. He even purred through all of his treatments.

Thanks to the dedicated medical team in the clinic, Zapp was given a second chance. He inspires people every day with his resilience and joy of life. He loves everyone he meets, as well as treats, bird watching, his fish finger toys and of course his mom.

A typical day starts with breakfast (he’s a pretty messy eater because of his injuries), then digs under blankets and naps while Wendy is at work. As soon as she comes home, everyone is cuddling all the time. And
it should be so.

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