Meet Willow

Meet Willow

Name and age of the dog: Willow, 1 year

Nicknames: Willow Bean

Adoption history: Willow was picked up in a mall parking lot by a rescue organization in the Bay Area. We found her online and won the dog lottery, which resulted in us adopting her after nine weeks. On the long drive home, she vomited on me and showed deep appreciation for having a home forever. Her DNA test revealed that she is part Chihuahua, part Cocker Spaniel, and half Super Mutt.

She especially indulges in obedience training, sniffing Greek yogurt from her Kong while rolling in the grass, and doing wild zoomies with best buddy Parker.

Willow wakes up happy and plays all day between naps charging her puppy batteries. When she’s minding our own business, she comes from the bottom of the scratching post to prick our calves with her wet nose. She jumps on her toys, especially her many rawhides. She likes her people equally, takes long walks with one and cuddles with the other. She is 100% adorable.