Meet Lewis and Clark

Meet Lewis and Clark

Name and age of the dog: Lewis and Clark, 12 years

Nicknames: Lew, Mr. Clark, Nibbles, Loudmouth, Hoover, Mushface

Adoption history: My husband and I found Lewis and Clark at a rescue after being thrown out of a car when they were only one month old. We had them transported from Arkansas to New York, where we live. The two dogs were found together and we didn’t want them to be separated so we took them both in! It was the best we ever did!

Lewis and Clark, named by the rescue group, love to be outside and explore new places. They love people more than other dogs, and older people even better. Lewis is excited and always hungry – he can make food disappear. Clark is soft yellow; a little hippie and he should be an outfielder with the Yankees. It’s a magnet for a tennis ball. You have my heart.