Meet Latchy

Meet Latchy

Name and age of the dog: Latchy, 1 year

Nicknames: Latchy-Boy, Latchy-Lou, Luuna Bells, Hoonie, Meatyhead

Adoption history: I adopted Latch earlier this year. Its first owners are family members who live on a farm just like us. Latch was teething and chewing on expensive tools and unfortunately they had to let him go. It’s been a blessing ever since.

He loves socializing, and when I say love, I really mean it. We spend most of the days on the beach but when it comes to river time he’s the first to get out of the car. He loves to chew on long green grass and follow the motorbikes to help out on the farm.

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Latch is quite characteristic, loves his family, gifted with ears and beautiful nature.

Latch is unique, he changed my life and the people around us. He is judged for his breed wherever we go, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He brings so much light, laughter, and love into our lives that I feel really blessed to be able to call Latch mine.