Meet Buddy

Meet Buddy

Name and age of the dog: Buddy, 7 years

Nicknames: Bud, buds, buddy bear, sir

Adoption history: Growing up with my family, I always had dogs. When I went to college I couldn’t have dogs in the dorms. When I lived alone I started looking for Petfinder and found Bud. I went to him to make sure he was well behaved and loved and fell in love immediately. When he gets acquainted with a person he does this thing where he just leans on them, and he did this to me when we met when I knew he was supposed to be my dog.

Buddy loves taking car trips, going to the dog park, going for a walk, eating puppy cups, and going to grandma’s house. He can sit, shake (with both paws) and lie down. We are still working on more tricks.

He always makes my day better, I can come in from a long day at work, and he’s always at the door waiting for me smiling and that’s something I will cherish forever.