Meet Beau

Meet Beau

Name and age of the dog: Beau (Beauregard), 7 years

Nicknames: Bobo, puppy, beau-oh

Adoption history: We attended an outdoor adoption event to see that we had no intention of having a puppy. My wife said, “Look at this!” and we were gone. After we adopted him, we wanted a Louisiana-sounding name since his breed (Catahoula Leopard Dog) is native to the state, hence Beauregard.

Beau loves meeting new people. He’ll plow into a small group of people waving like crazy, provided they’re all there for him.

Aside from his unique leopard coat, there’s his general fun-loving attitude and weird sense of privilege. After breakfast he barks imperiously at us to play, or sometimes he barks upside down to rub his stomach. Beats the water bowl when the level is too low. Sleeps in incredibly distorted positions (like now!). And his attitude “I’ve never met someone I didn’t want to kiss”.