Living Bird Spring 2021 – Table of Contents

Living Bird Spring 2021 - Table of Contents

A yellow-throated warbler in a cherry tree on a cloudy day in New Jersey. Photo by Ray Hennessey.

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feature article

The “remarkable and persistently stimulating” John Fitzpatrick

By Scott Weidensaul

Photo Essay: Finding Untouched Moments in the New Jersey Urban Landscape

By Ray Hennessy

Is bird migration becoming more dangerous?

By Marc Devokaitis

Purple Green Swallow from Jhoneil Centeno / Macaulay Library; Clouds from Kolganova Daria / Shutterstock.

Brown-headed nuthatches return to Missouri’s Ozark Mountains after 100 years

By Greg Breining

Brown-headed nuthatch from Noppadol Paothong / Missouri Department of Conservation.

The race to save African vultures

By Scott Weidensaul

Columns & departments

View from Sapsucker Woods: Why a Cornell Lab?

By John W. Fitzpatrick

The Cornell Lab is called Dr. Ian Owens welcomed as new director in 2021

By Hugh Powell

It’s official: flicker with red and yellow shafts have almost identical DNA

By Gustave Axelson

Northern Flicker by Ray Hennessy.

Clean Air Act saved 1.5 billion birds by taking action against ozone

From Pat Leonard

New US administration turns bird policy on its head

By Gustave Axelson

Great Egret by Melissa James / Macaulay Library.

The secret to celebrity success: It’s in their genes

From Pat Leonard

European Star in Ohio by Matthew Plante / Macaulay Library.

Essay: Are Starlings Really “Invasive Aliens”?

By Natalie Hofmeister

The tide turns to the waders of the Yellow Sea in China

By Wendy Paulson

In Spain, momentum is building for vulture conservation

By Gustave Axelson

Gallery: A glittering Trochilidae treasure

By David Mora Vargas