Kittens with the sweetest smile seek everyone’s attention and hope together for a dream home

Kittens with the sweetest smile seek everyone's attention and hope together for a dream home

A bonded pair of kittens seeks affection from everyone they meet and hopes to find a dream home together.

Nashville Cat Rescue

Zip and Zap, two ginger kittens, were rescued from a cat colony in a neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. Kiki, a volunteer caregiver at Nashville Cat Rescue, worked tirelessly with a friendly neighbor to get all of the cats and kittens to safety and provide the help they needed to thrive.

Zip and Zap were glued together immediately after being rescued. At first they weren’t sure about the new surroundings, but after they had been neutered and neutered and had an impression of the cozy inner life, they quickly stopped by.

The brother and sister duo turned into the cutest love bugs when they realized they were safe. They showered each other with cuddles, purrs, and licks while enjoying the comfort of their new accommodations.

Nashville Cat Rescue

Zap would crush his sister or lie on top of her when they were hanging out together, and Zip was happiest with her brother by her side. “If this isn’t a bonded pair of kittens, I don’t know what it is.”

Over the next few weeks, their bond only grew stronger. They learned to interact with people and other cats around the house, but were rarely separated. “They are obsessed with each other and always cuddle!”

Nashville Cat Rescue

“They are inseparable. Even with other kittens to play with, they always attracted each other. It was obvious when I tried to catch them (in the cat colony) and even when they lived here they were best friends.” Kiki told Love Meow.

“Their main hobby is cuddling each other. I think they are just so grateful that they can be inside and relax without having to worry about staying warm, getting out of the way or knowing where your next meal is coming from. “

Nashville Cat Rescue

The feline siblings both sport cute little smiles. They look so content, as if they are constantly glowing with joy.

After three months of care, the two best friends are more than ready to find their own place. You have been waiting for this special family to bring you together and love you forever.

Nashville Cat Rescue

‚ÄúThis bonded pair was rescued from a wildcat colony, but as you can see, they are far from wildcats. They actively look for head scratches and relax when they hear friendly human voices. They are grateful to be inside, safe and warm are and loved, “said Nashville Cat Rescue.

Check out Zip and Zap in this cute video:

Zip and Zap the kittens

Zip will bump her face against people’s hands and demand pets whenever she gets a chance. Zap will quickly follow suit and take part in the cuddle party.

Nashville Cat Rescue

“Zap is quite a speaker with a squeaky meow. He loves his toys, will likely follow you and even give you kisses on the nose. He loves to be held and his favorite place to kiss is on his cute forehead.” said the rescue.

“Zip is the cutest little thing. She makes sure that all of her kitten friends are groomed and cuddled. She is sure to get your attention when she feels like she isn’t getting it and usually gets your hand to stroke her . “

Nashville Cat Rescue

“I’m so happy to be part of their story and so happy that they made me want to help more kittens,” added Kiki.

Nashville Cat Rescue

The two kittens are dependent on each other and hope to share their purring life with a family of their dreams.

Nashville Cat Rescue

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