Kittens with paws frozen to the trailer adopted by the man who saved them

Kittens with paws frozen to the trailer adopted by the man who saved them

At 5 weeks, Berry the kitten should have been warm and safe by her mother’s side and only had to worry about growing up big and strong with her brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, the fluffy tabby kitten was alone in the world and got into great trouble.

On a bitter October morning of just 7 degrees, Michael Bud heard a tiny scream under a tractor-trailer outside a tire store in Commerce City, CO. While doing his research, Michael discovered “a kitten clinging to one of their tires, their paws and tail are frozen to the metal surface and holding onto it,” according to the Colorado Dumb Friends League.

He had no idea how long the kitten had been there, but he couldn’t keep her frozen. This would mean certain death for the little one.

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Michael was familiar with the dangers of the freezing, cold weather and did not try to free Berry. Knowing this would have caused her a lot more pain and possibly severe wounds as her delicate feet were iced over from the metal.

“Without hesitation, the gentleman climbed under the trailer and gently warmed the kitten’s paws and tail by splashing warm water on the areas adhering to the tire.”

Icy cold to warm and fed

Michael worked carefully not to soak Berry in water in freezing temperatures. After 20 minutes the fluffy baby was free and warmed up in his arms. Michael took her to the Dumb Friends League for help, “where she received a veterinary exam, nutritious food, and warm shelter”.

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A medical team diagnosed Berry with frostbite. She was given medication for pain and swelling in her paws, but “against all odds” she was a healthy kitten overall. The best thing for Berry would be to spend some time caring for a foster family trained in helping kittens grow big and strong.

But Berry’s hero kept an eye on his little wife from afar and adopted her as soon as she was ready to leave foster care!

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Forever family and a furry sibling

After their adoption and home with their new family, Berry found a best friend in Cheddar, the Bud family’s older cat. At first sight, Cheddar was quite excited about the kitten.

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Together they enjoy watching windows and taking a nap. And the sweet berry will never have to worry about being cold and alone again!

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