Kittens with cow markings thrive together with the help of families and captivate the hearts of many

Kittens with cow markings thrive together with the help of families and captivate the hearts of many

Three kittens with cow markings came to their foster home to have a better life.

Sarah Kelly

A trio of cats were brought to Sparkle Cat Rescue (in North Carolina), which required bottle-feeding and lots of TLC. These orphaned kittens with cow markings were only a few days old and still had their eyes closed.

They were immediately taken to a nursing home with an incubator to regulate their body temperature. They faced challenges without a nursing mother, but luckily, Sarah Kelly, a seasoned caregiver, took them into her care just in time.

She kept the kittens warm around the clock, fed and cared for them and provided them with lots of cuddly toys. The trio quickly gained weight and even found their voices.

Sarah Kelly

The kittens were named after S’mores Graham, Mal (short for marshmallow) and Hershey. A few days later, their eyes opened and they looked around to find out their surroundings.

The kittens were voracious eaters and their bottle could never be served fast enough.

Sarah Kelly

As Sarah fed a hungry mouth, the other two screamed impatiently for their turn. Even though they were so young, they were full of energy and tried to grow tall and strong.

Mal was the sleepiest on the crew while Graham was the loudest babbler.

Mal, Graham, Hershey Sarah Kelly

After filling their bellies, the three of them rolled around the wrestling and fell asleep curled up in an adorable cuddle puddle.

The happy little kittens waved their paws and happily stretched their toes.

Sarah Kelly

Mal was the relaxed, gentle man who enjoyed making cookies while purring a storm. Her brother Graham had a lot to say and wasn’t shy about sharing his many opinions, especially when it came to feeding time.

Hershey was the sister the other littermates looked up to. “She taught Graham how to properly clean those perfect pink beans,” said Sarah.

Sarah Kelly

“While she may be the smallest of the litter, she has the biggest heart and has been such a fighter from the moment we picked her up.”

Check out the kittens in this cute video:


With good nutrition and a lot of love for romping around, they quickly turned into chunky little ones Kitten.

Graham, Hershey, MalSarah Kelly

As they got bigger and bolder, they started venturing and exploring as a trio, creating all sorts of antics around the house.

They went from tiny bottle babies to playful, mischievous kittens. Her nursing journey has also captured the hearts of many people through social media.

Sarah Kelly

Sarah’s house cat Tio, who has a weakness for needy kittens, came to offer the little ones some cat wisdom. He stayed with the kittens, teaching them boundaries and showering them with love.

Sarah Kelly

“They loved hanging out with their favorite foster brother, Tio, and soaking up some sunshine and cuddling,” wrote Sarah.

Hershey adored Tio and huddled into the scratching post to cuddle with him.

Sarah Kelly

The S’mores kittens had turned their lives around at a tender age. They blossomed into happy, wild purring machines.

After two months of care, they were ready to step paws into a new chapter in life.

Sarah Kelly

With the help of rescuers and volunteers, these kittens were nursed back to health and raised in a home environment surrounded by love.

Sarah Kelly

Graham, Mal, Hershey have all been adopted and live happily ever after with their people.

Sarah Kelly

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