Kitten with adorable crossed eyes finds its way from wandering the streets to the best of life

Kitten with adorable crossed eyes finds its way from wandering the streets to the best of life

An adorable cross-eyed kitten found its way from stray life to a loving foster family.

Biglou the cross-eyed kitten

A cute cross-eyed kitten, Biglou, started out as a stray who wandered the streets day after day. A resident from Montreal, Canada brought him home with many other homeless cats, but she eventually needed a lot of help for them.

Biglou was then rescued and taken to an animal shelter in the hopes that someone could pick him up. Whenever someone passed his kennel, he tried to get their attention.

Chantal, a local animal rescuer, reached out to Chatons Orphelins Montréal so that the kitten with the eyes could have a chance for a better life. “We hired him immediately. Chantal rescued almost all of the cats and helped them get them into foster families through various rescue operations,” said Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal Love Meow.

Orphan kittens Montreal

Celine visited the little man at the veterinary clinic to assess his behavior. She quickly noticed the eyed kitten looking in her direction. As she approached Biglou, he rubbed his face on the door as if to say hello to Celine.

He meowed and chirped to his human friend and looked around with his perfectly crossed eyes. “He was instantly a love bug and so cute and kind.”

Orphan kittens Montreal

As soon as he was medically clear, the volunteer nurses Marie-Lyne and Lucie picked him up and welcomed him to their loving home. “He quickly felt comfortable in the home environment and claimed the master bed and sofa as his own,” shared Celine Love Meow.

Biglou was very curious and playful from the start and displayed a canine personality.

Biglou, the cat with eyes at his Chatons Orphelins Montréal nursing home

“He’s very loving and clings to his people. As soon as you open the closet, he’ll jump right in and sniff around for inspection,” shared Celine Love Meow.

“He is determined to keep the bedroom doors open at all times and will cry and make himself heard if not otherwise.”

Orphan kittens Montreal

The panther kitten has followed its humans around the house since day one. He wants to know everything that is going on and not miss any action.

Check out the cute kitten with eyes in this cute video:

Cross-eyed cat Biglou

“He may be a little clumsy because of his crossed eyes, but he can climb, run, and do anything, just like any other cat,” added Celine. “He’s a curious, wild little guy who just can’t stop playing.”

Orphan kittens Montreal

His foster family came up with the idea to use up some of his unbridled energy.

They presented him with a harness so that they could safely walk in a nearby park and spend the afternoon together enjoying fresh air and all the interesting scents around them.

The Eyed Cat is walking with his foster mother, Chatons Orphelins Montréal

“Biglou loves going to the park with his foster family. He’s like a puppy and enjoys all the fun activities with them,” Celine told Love Meow.

After a difficult start in life, the cute cat with the cross-eyed eyes is ready to embark on a new journey to a place of its own.

Orphan kittens Montreal

“He sleeps close to his people every night and kisses them in the morning. He’s always purring,” added Celine. “Those who adopt him will be a very happy family.”

Orphan kittens Montreal

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