Kitten found hidden in rocks by passers-by turns out to be the cutest little guy

Kitten found hidden in rocks by passers-by turns out to be the cutest little guy

A kitten found hidden in rocks by a good Samaritan turns out to be the cutest fighter.

Best friends Felines

In mid-March, a passer-by discovered a small ginger kitten that was frantically running through a roundabout before taking refuge in a group of rocks near a stream. The kitten stayed in hiding among the rocks and did not come out.

The finder immediately posted a plea on Facebook because they couldn’t reach the kitten. A vet nurse who volunteers for Best Friends Felines (a cat and kitten rescue in Brisbane) saw the post and stepped into action.

She dropped everything on hand and hurried to the place. After a lot of effort, she was able to get the kitten to safety and finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“She found this poor little man who ran away and weighed a tiny 225 grams,” said Felines, best friends.

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Best friends Felines

The kitten was an estimated six weeks old, but so emaciated that it was less than half the size for its age. The volunteers continued to search for other kittens that night and the following day, but could not find any siblings or a mother cat.

“This little man was alone, scared and hungry.”

Best friends Felines

They named the kitten Mufasa the tiny lion and took him to a loving nursing home, where he was looked after around the clock by a dedicated volunteer. “Mufasa goes to work with our caregiver every day and she is really fine,” said Felines, best friends.

In a week, the ginger tabby gained about 100 grams. Although he is still very young, he shows an amazing fighting spirit and has the heart of a lion.

Best friends Felines

“(When we got him) he should have been about three times (his size), but the good news is he has gained weight and now weighs 320 grams,” the rescue said in an update. “It’s half as heavy as it should be, so we’re thrilled that it is gaining so steadily and getting its strength and energy back.”

Mufasa, who was afraid of people when he was first found, has grown to enjoy the company of his human friends. He came out of his shell and turned out to be quite a love bug.

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Best friends Felines

When he comes to work with his foster mother, he prefers to be carried around in a purrito where he’s wrapped in a cozy blanket or pouch, and enjoys driving around the office.

“He loves to curl up in the finished kitten sling to nap, and he works with his caregiver (a veterinarian nurse) on a regular basis. He helps oversee the reception where he melts hearts,” added Felines.

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Best friends Felines

The ginger boy still has a lot to do, but now that he’s back on his paws his personality is popping up and he’s getting more playful every day. “He’s playing and now exploring whatever is heartwarming.”

Little Mufasa purrs in a storm when he is cuddled or groomed with a toothbrush. He falls asleep in the arms of his foster mother and is so pleased to know that he is safe and that he is being cared for.

Best friends Felines

“We are so grateful to the people for posting on Facebook, because without intervention and security, there is no way he would have survived.”

The little lion had turned his life around with the help of many friendly people and is blossoming into a full-fledged cuddle beetle.

Best friends Felines

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