Kitten came back to woman who was kind to her and moved straight into her house

Kitten came back to woman who was kind to her and moved straight into her house

A kitten came back to the woman who had been kind to her and decided to move into her house.

Gigi, the tabby kitten, loves pets and hugs Asja @greycatsophie

A stray kitten was found in a neighborhood in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Asja, a pharmacy student who has her own cat (Sophie), came across the tabby one day.

“The kitten was always walking around in the street while it meowed very loudly. Whenever someone tried to approach her, she immediately ran away because she didn’t trust anyone,” Asja told Love Meow.

The kitten was afraid of people, noises and sudden movements and was constantly on the alert. When the weather turned cold last winter, Asja took matters into her own hands, as she couldn’t leave the kitten without warm protection.

“I was sad about the kitten (called Gigi) and decided to do my best to save her. I started leaving food on my balcony, which she could reach by stairs.”

She was a stray kitten when she met AsjaAsja @greycatsophie

Asja set up a makeshift shelter for the kitten, who was very shy but couldn’t resist the offer. “She was very hungry. No matter how much I fed her, she always wanted more,” added Asja.

For the first few days the kitten only ate from a distance, but things started to turn as she warmed up on her human friend.

“I slowly got closer to her. She hissed and growled at me, but I knew she was doing this as a defense mechanism and wasn’t really hurting me. That didn’t discourage me at all.”

Asja @greycatsophie

There was a lot of hesitation for a couple of weeks, but when Gigi realized that it felt good to be loved, her behavior changed.

“I tried to stroke her while I was feeding her so that she would associate caressing as something positive. She was so confused at first and didn’t know how to react to being touched,” added Asja.

One day, with her newfound trust in Asja, the kitten decided it was time to move in.

Asja @greycatsophie

The tabby girl did a full 180 and became quite a cuddle bug. She would tiptoe on her hind paws and eagerly raise her head for pets and head scratches.

“Now this is the only way she likes to be petted – by bumping my head and standing on her hind legs.”

Gigi the kitten loves to be pettedAsja @greycatsophie

“I’ve never seen a cat that was so happy! She kept purring while she made cookies with her paws. She was super cuddly and wanted to be with me all the time,” shared Asja Love Meow.

Check out the kitten and its journey in this cute video:

Gigi the kitten

Sweet Gigi curled up on her human’s lap and purred a storm.

Asja @greycatsophie

Gigi was fully checked and neutered. She is very short for her eight months old but has a big personality. The clever cat likes to bring “presents” to her people every day.

“I think that’s her way of thanking me for everything. Gigi is a very grateful and loving cat.”

Asja @greycatsophie

The sweet tabby adores her people and gives her a shower with kisses and cuddles.

“She looks me in the eyes and presses her little face into mine to give a kiss. She is a bit clumsy, but very cute, playful and cuddly”, Asja shared.

Asja @greycatsophie

“Gigi makes me happy and loved and I’m so happy that she let me be a part of her life,” shared Asja Love Meow.

Asja @greycatsophie

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