Kid Detective solves missing cat capsule

Kid Detective solves missing cat capsule

The day was like any other in the neighborhood, but when 8-year-old Aiden Foster spotted a new cat roaming around, things got hairy.

Aiden had never seen the cat before, but he still recognized the kitten’s cup. The gray cat face was that of the missing posters he’d seen. A family was looking for their kitten boy after he ran away, and Aiden knew he had to help.

Aiden shaded Tobin the cat, but like cats the slender, silver cat hopped over a fence and disappeared.

But Aiden wasn’t done with this case. Oh no, he was going to take Tobin to his mother’s house.

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The missing cat case

Ashley Goldstein and her cat Tobin had recently moved to a new area in West Palm Beach, FL when Tobin fled their apartment. Worried about her 10 year old cat, she hunted everywhere and deleted posters.

“I really wanted to find him,” Ashley told WPTV.

But the weeks passed without Tobin and Ashley feared the worst. Your older cat was lost in an area he didn’t know and “honestly, I thought I would never see him again.”

She was about to get a vacation surprise in the form of a phone call from Aiden about her missing cat.

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“It’s this little boy who tells me that he thinks he saw my cat.”

Aiden told Ashley about seeing Tobin in his back yard, but before a connection could be made the cat walked over the fence. He tried to follow but explained, “I just couldn’t, so I just put my cat food there. I made a trail all the way down there and left a whole big pile there. “

Aiden is sure to be a smart kid because the best way to attract a cat is always food!

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A food trail home just in time for Christmas

Aiden’s plan worked. 60 days after Tobin disappeared, Ashley found her beloved cat less than a mile from where Aiden first spotted him.

“Not only did he go on holiday for Christmas, but he also brought my family back together.”

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To reward the intrepid detective, Ashley presented Aiden with a $ 300 reward for his great kindness and the return of her cherished cat!

Great job Aiden! You definitely deserve your reward and the hearts of cat lovers around the world!

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