Journalist describes the loss of her dog in the explosion in Beirut

Journalist describes the loss of her dog in the explosion in Beirut

On Tuesday August 4, 2020, two massive chemical explosions devastated Beirut. The death toll of over 70 people continues to rise and thousands more were injured in the blasts. This number does not include the dogs, cats, and other pets within the blast radius.

At the time of the explosion, USA Today journalist Nadia Al Faour was at the vet with one of her dogs, 2 year old Brownie. Brownie had gone through something that caused a fever and slowed his appetite. This was a follow-up appointment. In the meantime, her three cats and the older German shepherd Loulou were waiting at home again.

After the initial explosion, Al Faour followed her instincts to fall to the ground. When the second explosion occurred, the vet who was looking after Brownie was seriously injured. Al Faour immediately went home to check on all of her other animals.

“I fled the clinic with a pounding heart and a pounding head. I worried about the vet as I headed towards the harbor like salmon swimming up the river. “

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When she and Brownie returned home, there was nothing more they could do.

“I finally made it home and climbed upstairs looking for my other dog, an older German Shepherd named Loulou. She was not there. I found it on the bottom of a window that was torn open by the explosion. She had jumped six floors in shock to the point of death. “

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Fortunately, the three cats had survived, although none would leave their hiding place for days. Last summer, many Americans reported hearing a lot of fireworks. Once you’ve seen how much fireworks can scare a dog, you can’t imagine how much a mile-wide explosion would mean. Poor Loulou.

During this global pandemic, our dogs have been an important comfort to us. Losing one tragedy to another at this time must be unbearable. Faour wrote:

“I will miss Loulou when I walk the streets of a broken city in the coming weeks. It made it more bearable to live in a dystopia. “

Al Faour saved Loulou from Lebanon. She also promotes organization and clearly loves animals. Animals Lebanon is currently working to find animals that disappeared during the explosions. Search teams have begun to comb the city.

“Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected, to everyone who has lost people, to those who have been injured and to those who have lost their homes. There are also the animals that need help. Many pets were lost or injured in the explosion and still need help. “- @ AnimalsLebanon via Twitter

If you can make a donation to help the people and pets of Beirut, do it here. You can also support the Animal Lebanon mission here.

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