Inshore saltwater fishing equipment for beginners

Inshore saltwater fishing equipment for beginners

If you are new to coastal fishing, it is important to get the right beginner saltwater fishing equipment. You don’t need a lot of fishing equipment to fish successfully in the hinterland. Check out this simple list of basic inshore fishing gear for beginners that can be used to target species like spotted sea trout, pompano, flounder, and redfish.

Inshore salt water fishing rod

In most situations, the best and most versatile saltwater fishing rod on land is a medium-weight fishing rod between 6.5 and 7 feet in length. This type of rod should have the right balance between strength and sensitivity. In other words, a rod that has enough backbone to quickly turn a redfish off rocks or mangroves, but still feels lighter bites on lure.

The rod length plays an important role in the throwing distance. This is especially important when choosing saltwater equipment for beginners as newbies will improve the casting techniques even further. A longer rod allows you to get your bait and bait into the strike zone without frightening shy flatwater fish.

Inshore saltwater fishing reel

When choosing a saltwater fishing gear, corrosion resistance (sealed drag and fishing gear) and durability should be considered. However, this is especially important when choosing a fishing reel. For most types of saltwater fishing on land, a 2500-3500 series reel is the best choice. Find a reel with adequate line capacity (a good guideline is 150 to 200 yards if you’re using 10-15 pound braided line). When learning how to fight fish, the extra line capacity can help and keep you from “spooling” you.

Fishing line & leader material

Most beginner saltwater fishing sets on land include 10 to 15 pounds of braided line and two feet of 20 to 25 pound fluorocarbon leader material. Opt for the heavier end when fishing around rocks, oyster poles, or dock poles. You may also need to use heavier line when aiming for toothy species like Spanish mackerel or bluefish.

Circle hook & pop cork

What else do you need for beginner fishing equipment to start saltwater fishing on land? Don’t forget the 2/0 and 3/0 circle hooks! You may also want to place live bait like shrimp under a popping cork or float to increase the number of bites. One of the most common land fishing tips for beginners is upgrading a shrimp 18 to 36 inches under a popping cork – an incredibly effective presentation for backcountry redfish.

Use this list of beginner fishing gear to get the gear you need. From there, all you have to do is check the tide and find a good saltwater fishing spot.