How To Oil Fishing Reels: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Oil Fishing Reels: A Step-by-Step Guide

Equipment maintenance is essential if your fishing reels are to function properly and last a long time. While learning to “oil fishing reels” may not be fun at first for most people, once you have learned how to clean and oil your reels, you can quickly and easily repeat the process. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to oil fishing reels, especially a spinning reel.

Avoid using soaps or degreasers as they can damage the roller or leave residue. The best oil for fishing reels has been specially developed for reel maintenance. Roller cleaning kits are available from most outdoor retailers, or you can collect these items yourself:

  • Your spinning reel
  • Reel oil (be sure to find the best fishing reel oil)
  • Solvent to clean the roller
  • Clean the terry towel
  • Paper towels
  • cotton swab
  • Light bristle brush

How to oil fishing reel step by step

  1. Prepare Your Work Area: Set up your work area in a well-lit area. Place a clean cloth on an even surface to work on your roll.
  2. Cleaning and oiling the hanger: Open the hanger, apply detergent to the hanger connection points and the linen roller. Using a bristle brush, lightly scrub and wipe dry and apply a few drops of roller oil to the bracket connection points. Open and close the bail several times to work in the oil.
  3. Cleaning and oiling the bobbin: unscrew and remove the pull knob. Then remove the coil from the bobbin and apply detergent to the pull button, the inside of the coil, and the exposed areas. Wipe to remove dirt, debris, or excess oil. Use cotton swabs to remove dirt from the crevices and apply a few drops of roller oil to the main shaft and gears. To reassemble, place the spool back on the reel body and reattach the pull knob.
  4. Oil the bearings in the bobbin: Remove the screw cap on the bobbin. Unscrew and remove the roller handle. Wipe the bearings with a cotton swab and remove any dirt or old lubricant. Apply a drop of roller oil to each bearing and the joints on the handle, put the handle and screw cap back together.
  5. Oil the roller body: When you are done, lightly wipe the entire roller with roller oil. This adds a protective layer and helps lock in water during use.

Keeping your gear clean is an important step in fishing. You don’t need to clean the roller every time for quick maintenance. Oil your roller every few uses and clean it thoroughly every now and then. When rinsing the rollers after use, use gentle water pressure to extend their life. Find out more about reel and line fishing gear maintenance.