How to get a foreign license

How to get a foreign license

Coast to coast, the United States offers endless fishing and boating opportunities for the adventurous fisherman. An east coast saltwater angler can test her fly fishing skills for salmon in Colorado’s Gunnison River. A young urban angler from Detroit could pursue new challenges in catching peacock bass in Miami canal systems. An angler is shaped by the breadth of his experience and his willingness to try new things. The great thing about fishing is that there is always something new to learn. However, before you begin your next fishing adventure, you need to know the fishing license requirements of your destination. Here are some tips for purchasing a non-state fishing license.

Types of fishing licenses

Many states offer a variety of options for non-resident fishing licenses, such as: B. One-day, multi-day, family licenses and even annual licenses. Read up on the options so that you can decide what is best for you.

go online

The first way to get a foreign license is to order it online from the comfort of your home (or from your work, we won’t judge). Not sure where to look? Visit your state website for non-resident fishing license information for all fifty states. Your license will be sent to you and you will receive an email confirmation that you can use for validation in the meantime.

Visit a dealer

Let’s say you’ve arrived at your fishing destination and in the midst of your excitement forgot to order your driver’s license in advance. Contact a local outfitter or sporting goods retailer and an agent can process your non-government fishing license on site. You may even be able to get insider tips on what the fish are biting.

Ask about discounted fishing permits

Be sure to ask if the state offers a free or discounted fishing license. In some cases, youth licenses can be free, and some states offer free fishing days.

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