Hilton thanks supportive dogs by serving up luxury dog ​​meals

Hilton thanks supportive dogs by serving up luxury dog ​​meals

Our furry friends have taken us through many tough times, especially in 2020. The start of the pandemic forced many people to stay home without knowing what the future would be. Thanks to dogs around the world, people felt comforted and supported amid the pandemic. So Hilton would like to thank these supportive dogs in some of their hotels.

Select Hilton locations have dog meals for the special furry friends in your life. These menus look even fancier than the human ones, but your pup deserves it!

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Dogs dine in luxury

On May 17th, Hilton will be launching a new pet menu for guests. 32 pet-friendly hotels in the UK and Ireland have already confirmed that they will be selling these delicious dishes.

The dog menu is called “Bone Appétit” and contains the following dishes:

  • Beef doguignon – a slowly cooked piece of beef brisket with a side dish of mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, sweet corn, broad beans and gluten-free sauce.
  • Roast mutts – a gluten-free tomato noodle that is roasted in the oven and topped with mature cheddar cheese.
  • Earl Greyhound – a dog-friendly “tea”, a mixture of lavender, rose petals, lime blossom and orange blossom.
  • Tailwagger Creek – a non-alcoholic dog wine enriched with elderflower, nettle, ginseng, lime blossom and black carrots.

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These menu items sound chic enough to be in a five-star restaurant. But they are all made specifically for dogs. Veterinary nutritionists helped develop these recipes with dog health in mind. The dishes have also been approved by DogFriendly, a website that helps dog parents find pet-friendly hotels and restaurants in the UK.

Pamper your furry friend

Your dog deserves to be pampered and pampered, especially if they made your life easier in the midst of the pandemic. Hilton conducted research to find that 82% of UK pet parents viewed their dogs as supportive during the troubled year. In fact, most agreed that they were just as helpful as a human family member or close friend.

That’s why Hilton created this menu as a thank you for everything dogs have done for their humans this year and each year before. Hilton Vice President for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Julie Baker, explained the menu as a way for people to give their dogs a special treat after the pandemic.

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Dogs do so much for us without trying. Even just being around them, we lift our spirits and feel less alone. That is why we need to thank the special four-legged friends in our lives as much as possible. You deserve a little more pampering on your next hotel stay.

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