Henri Le Chat Noir leaves the legacy of laughter

Henri Le Chat Noir leaves the legacy of laughter

Henry, the famous long haired tuxedo cat whose YouTube nickname was Henri, the black catmade us laugh for about a decade with his Cattitude-filled videos and a book of the same name.

Unfortunately, in December at the age of 17, the beloved kitten crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss him, but luckily we can enjoy Henry’s videos forever, in which a French-speaking narrator complains about life and one of its people with melancholy piano music: Will Braden, a man from Seattle whom Henri describes as a thieving filmmaker.

“His character made people laugh – that’s a good legacy,” says Will. The real Henry – who was part of Braden’s mother, Kathleen – was a laid-back, happy cat who made it easy to film, he says.

“I had to say goodbye to the pet, my friend – and I had to say goodbye to the character that I made,” says Will. “That was particularly difficult.”

Kathleen Braden, Will’s mother, has published Six Cats: A Little Book of Rhymes, a collection of poems about life with the cats in Henry’s household. It tells the background story in rhyme of Henri and his archenemy L’Imbecile Blanc and shows photos of the domestic cats. The proceeds from the book will benefit the Spokane Humane Society. $ 10; amazon.com.