Help! My older dog is bored!

  Help!  My older dog is bored!

Exercise isn’t the only way to stimulate your dog.

Dear bark:

My 12 year old Bulgarian Shepherd Dog Gus has never been very interested in playing. He struggles to play with other dogs and is not interested in fetching, pulling, or hunting with me. He loves long walks and going to the dog park, but now that he is older and has arthritis, my vet has directed me to keep our walks and visits to the dog park (disappointingly) short. Since I started working from home during the pandemic, Gus has been very restless and worried about attention all day. His behavior makes it difficult for me to work. All of the barking, scratching, and licking of my feet makes me think he’s frustrated with lack of activity, but I’m at a loss! How do I get my quirky boy to play with me and release some of that energy?

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