Give them protection

Give them protection

Samantha Ginsburg grew up as an only child on an area and was no stranger to finding friendship with the cats and dogs on the property. The experience taught her not only the importance of the human-animal bond, but also pragmatic care, attitude and responsibility.

“We lived on an acre of land, and people always threw non-fixated cats on our property,” says Samantha, who is now CATSA’s CFO (Chief Feline Officer). “Most of them became indoor and outdoor pets for which we built permanent shelters. I learned at a young age the importance of spaying and neutering. “

Samantha got involved with Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) about 20 years ago when a wild mom and her four kittens showed up at their home. Every year she becomes more involved in cat rescue and advocacy. “When you realize the magnitude of the cat overpopulation problem,” she says, “it becomes impossible to turn an eye.”

Samantha’s mission is to help cats care for both native and wild species, with the wild ones often needing a little extra help. Over the years she has tended to neuter, medicate, and possibly adopt cat colonies in the community.

The proceeds from CATSA’s fun, space-themed luxury indoor kitten pod will help community cats and TNR efforts. © photo courtesy of

give me shelter

In 2014, Samantha discovered that something extra was needed when asked to feed a wild colony in a parking lot at her office.

She says, “There was no shelter, no water and no electricity, and winter came. These cats needed warm, protective shelter to survive our humid winters on the east coast. I started building cat houses out of donated old pickup cabs and plastic containers. As soon as I could make them, other maintainers would need them. I just couldn’t do it fast enough. It was at this point that I realized that there was a real need for affordable, well-made cat houses. “

To meet this need, Samantha took action and created the CATSA outdoor protection. “We put a lot of time and resources into designing our own low-cost animal shelter,” she says. “We are determined to make these shelters in the US and want to do it as cheaply as possible in order to produce as many of them as possible.”

There is also a limited edition, luxury cat sleeve with a space motif for domestic cats – the Lander Mark 1. The proceeds will help raise funds for the first run of CATSA’s patent-pending outdoor protection.

“The CATSA earplug logo recognizes the endless compassion and calm dedication of cat carers in the community everywhere,” says Samantha. “The more you learn about their selfless, long-term commitments, the more amazing these community cat heroes are.”

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