Get to know Bodie

Get to know Bodie

Name and age of the dog: Bodie, 4 years

Nicknames: Bodie Bear, Little Man, Mr. Baby, Bo-Berry Pie, BoBo

Adoption history: Bodie was adopted from a county home at an estimated age of 10-14 months. He had kennel cough, an infected castration site, was underweight and incredibly nervous.

After his adoption, he immediately loved his new family! He slowly gained weight, got well, and gained much-needed confidence. Within a few months his friendly and funny personality was fully revealed.

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Bodie loves cuddling up with his family, going hiking, driving, digging, and frolic with other dogs. Bodie always gives his family high fives without provocation in hopes of getting some goodies.

He is an amazing companion. Bodie is loving, gentle, and protective of his family. He always brightens our day with his big smile and big heart.