Fly line to the background knot: Albright Knot Steps

Fly line to the background knot: Albright Knot Steps

If you are looking for a strong fly line to use as a support knot, the Albright knot is one of the best knots to use when fly fishing. This fishing knot is ideal for connecting two lines with different materials or diameters.

Before learning how to tie an Albright knot used as a fly line to the support knot, it can be helpful to understand what fly line support is. The underlay is the first section of dacron line that you tie with a fly line underlay to wind the knot onto your fly reel. Once you have the carrier attached to your reel, use a support rope to fly the twine knot like the Albright knot.

Steps to Tie an Albright Knot

The Albright Knot was developed by legendary Florida Keys tarpon guide Jimmy Albright and has a number of uses for fly fishing in salt water. Perhaps the most common uses for this knot; However, a fly line must be attached to the base.

Follow these six simple steps to tie your fly line on your back with an Albright knot.

  1. Unwind your fly line from the spool it came on. Start by creating a loop in the fly line with your left thumb and index finger. From the right, thread about 10 inches of the strap through the fly line loop. Thread the label end of the liner down through the loop.
  2. Hold the loop together while you bring the end of the tag back over the loop.
  3. Make ten to twelve wraps from left to right, wrap them around all three strands, making sure that the packs are neatly side by side. Insert the tag end out of the loop in the same direction it was entered.
  4. Slowly pull on the loop to tighten it as you slide the wraps towards the end of the loop. Tighten the loop further by pulling on both the standing line (your fly line) and the marking end (your underlay), making sure that the wraps do not go beyond the end of the loop.
  5. After moving the spools to the end, pull on the small end of the label to hold the spools in place. Pull on the small standing part, then pull back on the small end of the label to pull it tight.
  6. (Optional) To further secure this knot, instead of shortening the end of the label, you can make a three-turn half-coupling and tighten by pulling towards the loop.
  7. Test your fly line down to the support knot and then cut the end of the label.

Need to refresh your memory to attach the fly line to the arbor of your reel? In that case, you can watch a short video that explains how to tie a fly line to a pulley knot called an arbor knot.