Expiry of the boat license: tips for procrastinators

Expiry of the boat license: tips for procrastinators

Procedure. A word that can panic when referring to a license you’ve acquired, paid for, or required by law. When looking for boating license expiration online, you may be asking for one of two things: a state boating education card or your boating registration. In this article, we’ll cover both topics and what to do if you’re a procrastinator about to run out.

When you mean “expiration of the boat license”, you mean: Boater Education Card

When you have successfully completed a state-approved boat safety course, you will receive a boat training card. In this course you will learn how to operate a boat safely and responsibly. There is no expiration date on a boater safety card. Therefore, it is not a license and you do not need to renew it. A boater safety card is required in certain states. So keep them ready when operating a ship. If you have been concerned about an expired boating license, now you should rest easy knowing that a boater security card cannot expire!

If “expiration of the boat license” means: boat registration

Much like your car’s license plate, most boats are marked with a registration number and a validation sticker. Boating on a ship with an expired boating license (registration) can result in quotes or heavy fines. So it is important that you keep it updated. The easiest way to renew your boat registration is online through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website. You will need your existing registration information, ship information (serial number and registration number) and a payment method.

If this is your first time registering a boat, check your state requirements and register your boat online. Then you will learn more about how to boot safely. Be safe and have fun!