Easy ways to organize Kitty’s pet supplies

Easy ways to organize Kitty's pet supplies

Do you have cat toys scattered around your house? When you have a vet appointment for your kitten, can you find his or her papers easily? Are the cat food cans, bags of dry food, treats, bowls and feeding dishes kept in one convenient place? What about your cat’s grooming aids and other items? Are these in certain places? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to organize Kitty’s pet supplies.

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The Rules You Must Follow To Organize Kitty’s Pet Supplies

First, let’s go over these 10 rules for denying thumbs, paw.

If your cat hasn’t played with a toy in a month, it’s time to toss, upcycle, or donate. If it’s an interactive toy, alternate it every week to keep it interesting. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to throw trash or donate.

If your cat has been using a litter box for more than two years – throw it out. It’s time for a new one.

Take 15 minutes a day to put away the cat’s belongings.

Before making a purchase, consider whether your cat really needs another toy, and if so, how much does it cost?

If your cat doesn’t eat or seems to have a reaction to a certain brand of cat food, donate it before it expires and make a note not to buy it again.

If your cat has taken medication and it is no longer needed or has expired, dispose of it properly or ask your veterinarian if she can use the rest. If your cat uses needles for insulin or other injections, check with your local pharmacy or police station for proper disposal.

Invest in a small handheld vacuum to remove any food your cat leaves on the floor or on the trash outside the box.

If you’ve used a cat food mat or mat under the litter box for more than a year and they’re holding back these stains, throw them away.

Sauder side table cat bed; Chewy.com. $ 349.99

To save space and time, scan a copy of your pet care instructions and veterinarian records and save them on your computer where they can be updated as needed.

Whenever you collect cat merchandise, ask yourself whether the item you might be buying is a must-have for your collection, or whether the money should be better spent buying more storage space for your cat companion or donating to a cat campaign or animal shelter .

Organizing Kitty’s pet supplies is all about storage

Buy, build, or use a cat toy box. Feline Ruff is a company that sells a collapsible pet toy storage box and cat teaser wand holder. According to the designer Mitch P. the “Feline Ruff Cat Teaser Wand Holder is a unique storage solution for organizing and storing Cat Teaser wands”. This product has four openings to accommodate the wands and an open storage area on the back for additional items. It clips onto the Feline Ruff pet toy storage box. Mitch came up with the wand holder idea because his own cats kept chewing through the threads of the teaser wands, but when he kept them out of reach, the wands got tangled.

Organize Kitty

Feline Ruff Cat Teaser Wand Holder; felineruff.com. $ 19.99 toy box also available at jawy.com. $ 15.99

The cat owner Lizz Reeves Fidler keeps the small bags, balls, small wands and other toys of her five cats filled with catnip in an ottoman. “Every time we open it, the kittens can hear the hinges squeak a little and they come running!” She says.

Crayola Purrty Cat Storage Ottoman;
available from Wayfair, Overstock and Amazon. $ 44.72 – $ 49.99

Choose a cat-themed ottoman to add a fun flair to the room, like the Crayola Purrty Cat Storage Ottoman. Or make it even bigger with furniture that does double jobs – a surface for you and a storage, nap and scratching surface for your cat, like the Sauder Side Table Cat Bed. Inside there are two storage baskets for kitten toys, a pillowcase for napping and a sisal notepad on each end panel.

Lizz also purchased a three-piece airtight food storage unit from Iris USA from Amazon to store their canned and dry cat food. It’s on wheels so it’s easy to move around and comes with a food scooper too. “We keep the dry food in the bottom container and the canned food on top,” she says.

Organize Kitty

The Cat File Folder Set; zazzle.com. $ 12.95

Fun to drop

Nowadays, you can organize your cat’s health records the traditional way – by putting paper in adorable kitten files like The Cat File Folder Set – or in a folder. When Sandra Toney adopted her cat Angel four years ago, she received a folder of bags from the South Bend, Indiana shelter. The folder has a cat on the cover and two pockets inside. “… All papers (like vet bills and papers) go there,” says Sandra, a member of the Cat Writers’ Association. “Keeps things very organized for me.”

Do you need a pet sitter or dog walker form? Pet Sitters International sells a downloadable Cat Care Profile Sheet on their online store that pet sitters or owners can purchase for $ 10 ($ 5 for PSI members). The one-sided profile sheet contains all the information that everyone should know.

Organizing the care of my cat from Morgan T. Orr and Penelope Orr Spry; Posted by You Wise Up! amazon.com. $ 3.99 – $ 7.23

Morgan T. Orr’s Organizing the Care of my Cat workbook contains 18 forms to fill in for pet sitter fields. It is available in paperback and as an eBook.

Pet portal app; jcrsoftware.com. Available in the App Store. $ 1.99

Do you prefer high tech? There is an app for that. JCR Software creates the Pet Portal, an app where you can save your pet’s medications, vaccinations, vet visits, feedings, weight, temperature, growth, breed information, microchip information and many other details. Ray Im of JCR Software says, “Pet Portal can help cat owners organize their cat’s health information at their fingertips. You can access all of your cat’s health information on your iOS, iPad, and operating system devices. Your data is synchronized between your devices. You can even add family members and friends who can add information to the app if they can help with your pet’s care. “

Organize Kitty

Custom cat toy container; Orchid and Daisies at Etsy.com. $ 31.16

Organization on the go

A unique idea for organizing travel items for trips to the vet or pet sitter came from Shayne Cohen. She uses a diaper bag to carry all of her cat’s veterinarian papers and toys, food bowls, harness and leash, medication, and other items. “This is how I organized it, when I have someone who sits a pet or (I) travel, their bowls, vet pads, toys, etc. (are) there to simply travel.” There are also a variety of pet travel kits available that meet airline regulations for those who fly their cats, such as the fashionable Atom Sleepypod, a multifunctional carrier and crash-tested car seat with large front and back pockets and two folded side pockets for all things from Kitty.

Organize Kitty

Sleepypod atom; sleepypod.com. $ 119

For other pet supplies, Alicia Kozak uses a small plastic basket for her cat Hemi. “It goes with her brushes, grooming gloves, nail clippers, shampoo, treats, some catnip pellets that I want to use in a homemade toy for her, and a couple of magic wands that won’t fit in the toy box,” she says. If you want to combine function and fashion and personalize it, you can also purchase a custom cat toy container from Orchid and Daisy on Etsy.

With a little imagination and an affordable budget, cat owners can find their own solutions to their organizational challenges.

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