Dog thoughts on Super Bowl LV

Dog thoughts on Super Bowl LV

This Sunday we are celebrating that unique American event, the Super Bowl, number 55 to be precise. It is an unparalleled celebration of sports and commerce that people either love or loathe. As others analyze each team’s historical capabilities, we’ll share some thoughts on Sunday’s events from our own colored lens … from a dog’s point of view.

First, let’s examine the game’s star quarterbacks – Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. We wrote about Bradys’ love for dogs and profiled her pack of four rescue pups. It turns out that Mahomes has something for dogs too, he lives with two – a Cane Corso named Steel and a pit bull named Silver. To the untrained eye, Mahomes ‘dogs may seem cruel, but in the many photos posted on his and the dogs’ own social media accounts, both dogs look like lovable couch surfers. We like the fact that Mahomes and his girlfriend Brittany Matthews blatantly share a Christmas portrait with both of them wearing matching pajamas and hugging their dogs in front of their Christmas tree. Much like the head-to-head predictions on the field, we call the dogginess of the two QBs … a tie.

For those of you who aren’t into the game of soccer, Animal Planet (and the Discovery Plus streaming service) will once again be broadcasting their annual Puppy Bowl – the perfect alternative to all the big ball players trying to play each other for four quarters to beat. The Puppy Bowl knows what people want to see and it seems like the pups are getting cuter every year. The broadcaster rounds off its Puppy Bowl program with a handful of NFL player profiles that focus on athletes’ commitment to animal rescue and humane advocacy. The stories are very sincere and effective, especially with their overarching message, “Adopt, Don’t Buy”.

Aside from the game, the Super Bowl is known for its high-priced advertisements. Often times, some of the most memorable ads each year focus on dogs. Who can forget the Budweiser puppy dog ​​ad and the rousing Canine Companions for Independence commercial sponsored by avocados from Mexico? But this year there isn’t a big (or even bad) commercial debut that features a dog theme. Dogs appear in a few places, but only as secondary characters. Perhaps the most talked about advertisement that appears on Sunday is a public announcement that runs during the Puppy Bowl. It shows Dr. Jill Biden and Biden’s two dogs, Major and Champ, and reminds viewers to always wear face coverings even when walking the dog. It’s a straight forward, to-the-point production and a worthy message.

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Many people will turn the country’s attention to their TVs to go outside and take their pooch for a hike or game of fetch. We think that’s a great idea! Just don’t forget your mask and practice social distancing.